Where to find the Artists!

You may have noticed that here on A Cup of Wonderland, I rarely feature my face or self photographs. Instead, I prefer to commission artists to create illustrations of my likeness in their own style. Why? Firstly I’m self-conscious of my appearance, and secondly, I get to showcase all the artists and their talent here on my blog.

All artwork and artists featured where commissioned by me to produce the artwork for this blog. If you like any of the artwork, in particular, check out the artists and their links below!

The Artists Gallery


I adore Cat’s work and so pleased I commissioned her to illustrate my main profile picture for my social media channels. You can find Cat on her Twitter and Instagram pages.


Jarune has such a colourful style of art and I’m so pleased with her illustration of me for my about page. You can find Jarune on her Twitter and Instagram pages.


As soon as I saw Vicky’s portfolio, I was stunned! I loved all of her work and instantly commissioned her to create the illustration for my work with me page. You can find Vicky on her Twitter and Instagram pages.


I originally came across Elena’s artwork via her Bookstagram account when she shared on her stories and immediately commissioned her for my Where to Find Me Page. You can find Elena via her Twitter and Instagram pages.


I was so excited to commission Hannah to draw the illustrations for my promo boxes and love what she created. You can find Hannah via her Twitter and Instagram pages.


An emerging artist on Twitter and Instagram, Eclaire is an incredible artist who designed for me a beautiful graphic for my Twitch and highlight content creating on another profile. They’re open to commissions at the moment to!


I commissioned Fi to create my blog header and site icon for the blog. Fi also runs her own shop where she designs and creates bookish pins and resin pieces. You can find Fi on her website and Instagram pages.

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