Q&A with Melvin Burgess ~ The Northern YA Literary Festival

The Northern YA Literary Festival is back, and this time it's a supernatural and fantastical edition, and once again us #NorthernBookBloggers are taking part! In case you didn't see it yesterday I reviewed Melvin's Burgess' latest novel; The Lost Witch which you can find here. While today I am interviewing the author himself! Hi Melvin! Welcome to [...]


May 2018

May was a whirlwind month for me, it certainly had a lot of stuff jam-packed into it, but for me, the most notable of all those things is that I have now completed my second year at university which is terrifying. It's strange to think that this time two years ago I was actually completing [...]

Month of March

Month of March

I may or may not have forgotten to write up this post in advance, but clearly, that means March was a very busy month for me - which it was! Technically I'm still recovering from the assortment of bugs and illnesses which I gathered throughout January and February but I'm getting there slowly. Very slowly [...]

Authors of The Northern YA Literary Festival!

Today is going to be an incredibly long but a brilliant and exciting day as it is going to be the first The Northern YA Literary Festival which is being held in Preston. The event is being brought to us by the association of the University of Lancashire's BA Publishing Programme, Waterstones Preston and Lancashire Libraries! They've [...]