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A Cup of Wonderland Editorial Services

Whether you’re taking the first steps to write your first novel, lost in the overwhelming process and need a helping hand to get you back on track or need someone to add the final polish before submission or publication, I have a range of editorial services to help you achieve your goals.

Like my belief that there is a story out there for everyone, I firmly believe that everyone has a story to tell. This is why I launched my content creation and editorial services after graduating with BA in English Literature to help writers tell those stories. Since launching, I’ve been fortunate to work with a variety of writers, providing my editorial services to aid them in elevating their manuscripts and stories to be the best they possibly can be.

Since launching my editorial services, I have worked with Linda Van de Wall, Erin McLuckie Moya, Natalie J. Reddy, Caitlin Mortimore, Daphne Gold, Gygory Henyei Neto, Ben Sandoval and Tiffany Ross. I’m also a freelance beta reader for Arcanum Press.

My editorial services are available for hire directly and via my Upwork profile too. If you are interested in hiring me or would like to know more about my editorial services and rates then please contact me at hannahkayet@gmail.com.

Editorial Services

Beta Reader’s Report

Whether you have a rough first draft, are unsure and in need of a second pair of eyes, or are looking for a good and affordable alternative to a full manuscript edit then the beta reader’s report may be the best service for you.

For the Beta Reader’s report, I will read the entirety of your manuscript and provide you with a detailed reader’s report outline specific areas such as plot, structure, opening, language, and characterisation. My report will also feature general feedback focusing on the good, bad and provide thoughtful suggestions and thoughts on how best to develop your manuscript.

Beta Reader’s Reports are customisable packages and for more information on rates and packages or to book a beta read with me, please contact me at hannahkayet@gmail.com.

Developmental Review

The first few chapters of your novel are the most crucial for the reader. In those first few chapters, you can either completely captivate your audience and draw them into your world, or it’s where you lose them.

For the Developmental Review, I will read either the first three chapters of your manuscript or ten thousand words to provide detailed feedback with the option of a 30-minute zoom consultation.

I can provide tailored feedback focusing on the introduction, characters, story arc, pacing and writing style. I will also address any narrative issues that occur in this section and provide suggestions and advice on how to solve them.

The Brainstorm Session

Sometimes no matter how passionate you are about writing your story, you can still find yourself blocked and unsure how to continue. Perhaps you just need to sit down and talk to someone to unravel the plot and figure out where to go next.

I offer Brainstorm Sessions in half an hour and hour longs slots to discuss your project, where you are having difficulties and where you need some help. Before the Brainstorm Session, I will also read your first chapter, if available or a plot overview.


Have you finished your manuscript and ready to submit to agents or self-publish but not quite sure if you’ve caught all the errors, whether they are grammatical, spelling, or simple mistypes?

I offer affordable final proofreading of manuscripts before they go out for submission or publication.

Sensitivity Reading

I also offer sensitivity reading for manuscripts that feature OCD, working-class representation and asexuality representation.

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