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About Me A Cup of Wonderland Feature Image: An Illustration of Hannah, standing in front of a large grey armchair and a ladder bookcase. Above the armchair is a small photograph of Hannah's three jack russell dogs, Toaby, Rambo and Oscar. By Hannah's feet are a pile of books and scattered across the ladder bookcase are unidentified books, plants and orchids.

Hello, my name is Hannah Kaye and welcome to my blog
A Cup of Wonderland…

Hello! I’m Hannah, a writer, reader, digital content editor, beta reader and virtual assistant from the North-East of England. Here at A Cup of Wonderland, I share my passion for all things to do with books and reading and stories. Often you can find me cradling a cup of tea, or at least having an empty cup nearby, daydreaming with a pen nearby for when inspiration strikes. Or more often than not, scribbling away at my never-ending-to-do list.

By day I am a digital content editor and customer service manager for my dog food and treat company, which I love, or working away editing and assessing manuscripts from various writers as a beta reader. And by night, if I don’t attempt to keep on working and manage to resist the evening influx of emails featuring cute customer dog photos, you can find me curled up in my armchair, reading books or dreaming up worlds and characters I know I need to one day put down on paper or writing up ideas for this blog, A Cup of Wonderland!

Either way, I’m always accompanied by my two Jack Russell Terriers, Rambo and Oscar – with a cup of tea and biscuits, of course!

About Me and A Cup of Wonderland

I launched A Cup of Wonderland all the way back in 2014 as a Booktube channel to talk about my love of books and reading and my journey as a bookseller. However, since making the move to this blog, it has evolved into so much more. Here I talk about all things books, my passion for stories and my deep belief that there is a story out there for everyone – just sometimes people need help finding it.

But that’s not all; I also enjoy writing thought-provoking pieces concerning the book industry and how we, as humans, interact and are affected by the stories we encounter. I also write and talk about my unhealthy attachment to tea, baking delicious goods in my bookish bakes series and talking about my favourite tv shows and films. I also hope to start documenting my sustainability journey and my mental health, and living with a chronic illness.

You can find me elsewhere on the internet on  Twitter, Instagram, Storygraph and Pinterest accounts.

And if you’re interested in working with my then check out my Work with Me section whether I offer a range of services or feel free to check out my Bookshop.

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