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New Year, New Decade: My Hopes, Affirmations and Goals for 2020.

I will admit that I am not one for new years resolutions, not at all. Even if I were, when you look at the statistics most give up by the end of January or at best the end of February, if you’re lucky. However, despite my resistance for new year resolutions I still have goals that I want to work towards in the coming year, and hopes to what I would like to achieve and experience. 2019, it taught me a lot as a year and I felt that I grew a lot and that’s something I want to continue into 2020. I am not perfect nor will I ever be perfect and that’s precisely the point but still I have hopes, dreams and affirmations that I want to pursue. 

So, I am writing them down and hope that you, dear reader, will help me achieve what I set out to do this year. I think writing something like this down and posting it online for the whole world to see is a great motivator but also it feels like someone is holding you accountable. 

Let’s start off on one of the easier things that I set out to do in 2020 and of course, this is partly inspired by a book. In the book Wonder by R.J Palacio, the students in Auggie’s class are asked to write monthly precepts which are described by Auggie’s teacher as;

“Like a famous quote. Like a line from a fortune cookie. Any saying or ground rule that can motivate you. Basically, a precept is anything that helps guide us when making decisions about really important things.” 

This is one of my favourite aspects of the book itself, as Auggie’s teacher’s precepts continue to appear throughout the novel and it’s something that makes me want to do it myself. Which is why I decided to start off with affirmations or just one affirmation to start of the year and set out what I am intending to do and guide me through the coming year. So here it is, my first affirmation of 2020:

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 9.36.46 PM

I like the idea of hopes for some things rather than having them as a set target and goal that I have to achieve by the end of 2020 or otherwise I am a failure. Hopes are things I would like to work towards and continue to work even after 2020 but also some targets which I have accepted are out of my control but I can hope to achieve. 

I hope that in 2020, I will continue to keep track of my finances. I hope that I will stop allowing my emotions to control my shopping habits. I hope that I will learn to put down my phone more often and become present in more moments in my life. I hope that I can grow this blog and become somewhat consistent with my posts and schedules. I hope to learn to remain calm and accept that things may happen that are completely out of my control. I hope that my confidence will grow and I will begin to trust myself, and my gut, a whole lot more. And finally, I hope that I will continue to think more positively, focus and hold onto those positive moments more than I have done the bad. 


I’ve always set myself goals in the past, things that I wanted to work towards and achieve – often I would perhaps be overly ambitious with some of them, setting ridiculous time limits to complete something I knew would take longer. As part of my hopes to trust myself and be a little kinder to myself I have a few goals I would like to work towards in 2020. Some are small, others I know will take longer than a week or two – which is good.

In 2020 my goals include; getting better at my job, to grow this blog which ties in with one of my hopes I suppose. I aim to be an active participant in the Grow and Glow community and want to work towards working with my first brand as part of this blog. Travel more, which will already be achieved by the end of this month but I still plan to travel in further the next eleven months. Another goal I know will be achieved soon – get a tattoo which I have wanted for so long now. To get to a proficient level of French and increase my Russian vocabulary too – and to pick up sign again – okay maybe the language might be an ambitious goal but it’s just the one. Then, the final goal, to say yes more and not to be afraid. 

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 9.44.04 PM

There they are, my hopes and dreams, my ambitious goals and targets and my affirmations for the year ahead. 2020 feels like a chance, a new decade and a literal fresh start and I intend to make the most of it – to grasp life and every opportunity it presents unlike I have ever done before.

What are your goals, affirmations and hopes for 2020?

23 thoughts on “New Year, New Decade: My Hopes, Affirmations and Goals for 2020.

  1. I’m the same with new years resolutions, but I think this is the first year where I’ve set myself ‘goals’ rather than resolutions. Writing the goals down definitely helped make me that more excited to accomplish them! I really like the idea of affirmations, I love putting quotes on my peg board to set me off on a great mood for the day.

    My goals for 2020 are a bit interesting I suppose but running a 15 minute 5K in time for the Olympic Trials, securing a full time role in my field, and growing my blog 🙂


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  2. Good luck with your hopes and goals this year. 🙂 Like you I’m not a huge lover of resolutions so set myself some goals for the year instead. I haven’t set any blogging ones though! I’m going to add affirmations and ‘say yes more to my daily / weekly routines.

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  3. Aw this is a lovely post! I love reading posts like these – I’m the same when it comes to “resolutions”, as I would always have given up or forgotten all about them by the end of January! I wish you all the best with your goals, hopes and affirmations for 2020 x

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  4. I stopped setting resolutions years ago because I could never stick to them and it was too disheartening to always fail. But the “say yes and don’t be afraid” is gorgeous. Best of luck with your goals, hopes and affirmations this year! x

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  5. Goals that include improving in a language are the best! It’s so cool to know (fluently or not) another language so good luck on your journey babe! x

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