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What I Read in October 2019

I know I often say this each and every month, but October really did fly by! October also marked my first full month working at my new job which I am thoroughly enjoying although it is certainly affecting my reading and blogging schedule! Though, I’m sure once I’m completely settled and after the Black Friday/Christmas rush that I’ll figure something out that means I’m able to escape into as many worlds as possible still.

However, working full time didn’t stop me from making an impromptu visit to Leeds with my friend Jamie to see and meet Leigh Bardugo talk about her latest novel Ninth House – a book I’ve slowly become obsessed with! We even helped out at the event too and I have to say Leeds’ Waterstones Halloween decorations were certainly on point! Leigh is so witty and absolutely captivating, I felt like I was on the edge of my seat (or table as it were) throughout the entire talk because I didn’t want to miss a word. I particularly loved when she mentioned the magic of books and I believe this is an exact quote:

“Magic was this promise that books gave me and I’ve never given up on it.”


Now onto the books that I read during the month of October!

Lumberjanes Volume 11 and 12!

I first started reading the Lumberjanes series at the start of this year, in fact, I believe I read all nine volumes in a single sitting before I had to start waiting for volumes to be released! I adore this graphic novel series and how it combines the idea of summer camp and mythical creatures and magical adventures. I particularly love the gang themselves and how different they all are from one another – although I certainly have a soft spot for Ripley and Molly in particular. I love how every other volume there is a different art style to the characters and yet it still remains entirely familiar and exciting. I can’t wait to see where this series leads too and how it will end up concluding – though I wonder if there will be hundreds of stories and really making the Lumberjanes camp into a never-ending Summer!

Also, picking up two volumes of Lumberjanes this month really made me feel motivated since the rest of my reading for this month was very slow with quite a few books being left unfinished. Plus this is one of my all-time favourite graphic novel series and can definitely see myself rereading these while waiting for further volumes to be released.

Lockwood & Co: The Whispering Skull By Johnathan Stroud


Another reread for me this year, although I have to admit that I didn’t remember the plot at all from my first time reading it so it ended up feeling like a first time read. I was determined to read the entire series in October but that really didn’t go to plan as I only got through this one and half of The Hollow Boy. This means my goal is changing too by the end of the year that I plan to have completed the entire series as I do enjoy the characters and would like to see how the series concludes.

Tilly and the Lost Fairytales By Anna James


A few months ago I finally read the first instalment of Pages & Co and I fell in love with the characters and society of bookwanderers that Anna James had created. Which is why I instantly reserved the sequel at my local library and was ecstatic when I received an email saying that it was ready for collection! As soon as I got home I thought I would read a chapter or two before I actually ate some food and somehow found myself over halfway through before realising how hungry I was.

In the Lost Fairytales, we are once again reunited with Tilly, Oscar, Tilly’s grandparents and her mother Bea along with their bookshop Pages & Co! This time however a lot has changed since the arrival of Bea’s mother after being missing for most of Tilly’s life, and the Underlibrary is in political chaos and on top of this it’s the Christmas holidays and Fairytales appear to be running rampant in chaos! I don’t want to say much more but I really enjoyed this instalment and am eagerly awaiting the third in the series as I can’t wait to see which books Tilly wanders into next.

What books I started…
Now, this is a bit of a shock, certainly for me, but this is the first month that I did not finish a J.D Robb novel! Although, I did start the thirty-third novel in the series but was short by 50 pages to actually finish it during the month of October – something I rectified within the first day of November.

How was your reading in October? Have you read any of these books?

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    1. It was an absolute fluke that I got to meet her and help out at the event but it was brilliant – she is generally so funny!


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