Books I’d Like To Wander Into

I was inspired by this post after I read Pages & Co: Tilly and the Bookwanderers by Anna James – the idea of being able to bring characters out of books or even wander into your favourite books sounds like such a wonderful thing. It didn’t take me long until I started to wonder if I had the same power that Tilly does, what books would I like to wander into? And hence, this post was born!

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Jurassic Park
Perhaps this wouldn’t be a smart move but I mean this book sparked one of my favourite films and it has dinosaurs in it and some awesome characters who I would love to meet – particularly Ellie Stattler, Ian Malcolm and Muldoon (who I personally feel got a bad deal in its adaptation). Though admittedly I would prefer to wander into the book and get to see all the dinosaurs before the park breaks down and the dinosaurs begin to eat everyone.

Harry Potter
Is there anyone in the world who read Harry Potter as a child and not imagined going to Hogwarts themselves? Imagine being able to actually wander throughout all seven books and actually experience going to Hogwarts and the adventure in that itself! The classes, the magical creatures, all the various side characters who you just want to know even more about and get the chance to explore Hogsmeade yourself!


The Extinction Trials
Again dinosaurs, admittedly this time it is in a fantasy dystopian setting and anyone who has read this series would be wondering, a. why the hell do I want to go there and b. am I insane? I mean the chance of being eaten by dinosaurs here are just as equally as high as it would be if I were to wander into Jurassic Park but dinosaurs people! Also, throughout the trilogy, I adored the main protagonist Storm and would love to meet her and Milo too!

Ever since Nevermoor was released I have been obsessed with this world, it feels like this giant mix of Studio Ghibli with Harry Potter with even more magic added into the mix. I love Morrigan and I’d love to meet Jupiter and have the opportunity to visit his hotel! The world of Nevermoor is unlike anything I have ever read before and the idea of being able to visit it would be such an adventure and I would love the chance to try the umbrella rail!


A chance to wander into a book set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away? Yes, please! I would love to wander into Ahsoka’s novel and get to meet her and follow her journey attempting to survive in a galaxy were the empire rules and hunts down force users.

What fictional worlds would you like to wander into and what characters would you like to finally meet?

11 thoughts on “Books I’d Like To Wander Into

  1. Such a cool idea – I can’t believe I still haven’t read all of the Harry Potter books, but I will VERY soon! I’d be amazing to escape to Hogwarts! I haven’t read The Hunger Games for yeeeaars, but I always wondered how I’d be if I were in the games!

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