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Five Reasons to Pick Up The ‘In Death’ Series

In case you might have missed my monthly reading wrap-ups, I am obsessed with J.D Robb’s futurist crime In Death series. I first picked up the series back in September 2017 and honestly I haven’t looked back despite the series being extremely long! Currently, the length of the series is up to FIFTY novels and ten novellas and I’m over halfway through and have no intention of stopping! Because of this, I thought I would write this blog post with my five main reasons why I adore this series so much and why you should pick them up too!



The Element of Futuristic Ideals
J.D Robb first began writing the In Death series in the mid-90s and has consistently published at least two novels a year since then! Set in the late 2050s and early 2060s we are introduced to a futurist New York City where guns are completely banned and have become weapons of the past with only collectors owning them to display in cases. Police are armed with Stunners, go through rigorous testing upon terminations and are assisted with holo-links and a highly sophisticated network that allows information to be drawn up at their fingertips. In this futuristic world – cancer can be eliminated due to sophisticated treatment, no one is prejudiced for their sexual preferences, being a stay-at-home mother is a professional profession and even a trip to Mars is possible. Although many aspects are less futuristic now than they were in the 90s, I loved the imagination and vision that J.D Robb had for the future.

Captivating Crime
Each novel surrounds a new case – a new murder that ultimately has Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her team called to stand for the victim. At first, I thought, especially due to how many books feature in the series, that the storyline would become repetitive especially with each case being solved by the end. But it wasn’t, each case is entirely unique with some featuring everyday people, others focusing on the higher classes and the elite while some involve international relations. I’ve found each case to be gripping and already have ten in mind that is particularly so and have become unforgettable – there are even some with some supernatural elements too!


Recurring Characters and Plot Points
With a series holding over almost sixty entries to it, there are of course recurring characters. I love it especially being introduced to characters for particular cases and see them appear again later on in the series whether it relating to another case or just a random coincidence of character’s paths crossing. I especially love it when characters appear when you least expect it with my particular favourites being Charles Monroe, Louise Dimatto and Jamie Lingstorm – don’t worry you meet these three within the first couple of books!

Friendships and Romances
In case you aren’t aware – JD Robb acts as a pseudonym for Nora Roberts so it’s not unexpected that romance and friendships appear more often they would in other crime novels. However, due to the length of the series, we are given a unique opportunity to see these friendships and romances from their conception as they evolve throughout the series as well as seeing pre-existing relationships. For me, my particular favourite friendship that I have enjoyed seeing evolve has been that of Eve and Dr Charlotte Mira who first appears as the resident psychiatrist for the NYPD concerning their criminal cases. Both women are incredibly bold in their respective fields but very different, Mira often appears as wise and motherly which contrasts against Eve’s blunt awkwardness at times. However, there are so many other friendships that appear and I love the impact they can have on a particular case or add to Eve’s character.


Lieutenant Eve Dallas
My final reason and most important to urge anyone to pick up the In Death series would be its protagonist of Eve Dallas. Eve has a tragic past, found in an alleyway in Dallas, Texas at the age of eight years old with no identity she enters the care system determined to get out. Now a Lieutenant for the New York Police department Eve’s previous identity is still unknown but she has easily formed a new one centred around the badge she wears. Determined, bold, a kick-ass and extremely stubborn, Eve’s character is one that I think has evolved the most so far in the series. I love especially in scenes when this kick-ass cop becomes awkward and unsure of herself in reasonably normal situations – it’s very clear she feels more comfortable dealing with murderers and villans than she does with babies or children. Eve is witty and incredible – often I have to stop and laugh due to the things she says or does but also I admire her fiercely due to her moral sense of direction and need to stand for the dead.

Have you read the ‘In Death’ series? If not, do you think you will?

22 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Pick Up The ‘In Death’ Series

    1. Honestly, I was, to begin with too and thoughts I maybe read ten and then give up but I’m now going onto the thirty-third in the series and still have a huge love for it!

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    1. It really is to have the futuristic aspect with a mix of crime! I love it and have spent over a year with the series and can easily see myself going back and rereading my favourite cases.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this book series before but Nora Roberts sounds familiar, what else does she write? I’m not sure if it’s the sort of thing I’d be into but I might try one of these books and see how it goes. It sounds quite interesting. Thanks for sharing x

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    1. Nora Roberts has so many novels I think she’s written almost 300 including the In Death novels, but she mainly focuses on romance and fantasy and crime. They are brilliant and would definitely recommend picking up any other of her novels.

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  2. I’m familiar with J.D Robb / Nora Roberts work but hadn’t heard about this series before, it sounds like an intriguing and immersive series for sure! The sheer length of the series does put me off a little as it’s daunting but at the same time I think I’d really enjoy it so perhaps I’ll pick up the first instalment when I can. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    1. I would definitely recommend picking up the first in the series and just see how it goes. You don’t have to read them in order but I tend to pick up one or two a month because I simply love the characters and the various different cases! Let me know if you do end up picking it up. x


    1. The series consists of the same detective team with little subplots which appear but honestly after the first three novels you could easily read them in any order that you fancy. I personally read them in publication order just so I can keep track of side characters sub plots but that’s just me. But each novel follow Eve with a different case.

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