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My September Bullet Journal 2019

How is it September already! Only 20 days to go until it is officially Autumn which is my favourite season of them all, closely followed by Winter of course. August wasn’t great in terms of using my bullet journal, I mainly just wrote random to-do lists and had little in terms of illustration or any creativity. But, I am pleased to say that is different for September as I felt incredibly creative and inspired and finally decided on a daisy theme.


For my cover design, I decided to keep it simple and tried to make my calligraphy appear nice and fancy – although I failed a bit, it just means I need to practice more. Having written September for the cover, I decided to surround it with a variety of different size dairies with a little border to make sure ‘September’ stood out. I know daisies aren’t often associated with September or Autumn but as the 1st of September marked my Nan’s one year anniversary since she passed, I choose to dedicate this month’s theme to her favourite flower.


I was really pleased how this turned out – I am not an artist at all and really struggled to create these via freehand so I hopped onto google. Creating a single document with a variety of different dairies I soon cut out these makeshift templates and used them to trace the outlines before adding the details myself.


For my monthly calendar spread, I kept it simple but added the edition of a ‘Blog Schedule’ column in an attempt to keep me organised and prompt me to post regularly on my blog. I’ve never included a blog schedule or any specific blogging related pages in my Bujo before so thought I start off small and simple before seeing if I needed to expand it into a bigger spread.


My next spread was my favourite and one which I always make sure to include in every single month of my Bujo despite how I’m feeling. I love having a reading tracker in my journal as by the end of the month my time tracker is normally quite colourful and I can clearly see what books I have read and when I read them. Plus I loved including even more daisies in the headers and by this point, I felt like I was starting to get the hang of drawing daisies.


Finally, my first weekly spread for September. It’s not quite finished as I want to add some more daisies or daisy chains along the bottom of the spread. I choose to create separate daisies to mark each day of the week and use a column method for my to-do lists. I also made a separate area above my to-do lists to mark any appointments or specific events happening during the week.

Do you bullet journal? Do you create themes or keep to a minimalist style?
What theme did you settle on for September?

14 thoughts on “My September Bullet Journal 2019

  1. I love this! Your header page looks wonderful and I like how you dedicated it to your Nan with the daises. I’ve never had a bujo before but I have started one this month – who says you need to wait until the New Year? Mine will be home to my exposure therapy log.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes! Star a Bujo whenever you like – I hate the idea you have to wait till New Year because the whole point of Bujo is to make it flexible for you! I started Bullet Journalling in March 2017 and honestly found it a brilliant tool that I still use because it keeps me organised and allows me to visualise what I need to do each day!


      1. I’ve wanted to start one for ages but always been put off as I’m not that creative. But the more I see bloggers bujos, the more I want to start one! I think I’ll start out with stickers or stencils though until I’ve practiced a bit more.

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      2. Yes do it! Don’t worry about creativity or comparing yourself to other bloggers because your Bujo is for you regardless if you paint, draw, use stickers or stencils! A lot of the time I trace images because I’m not that great at drawing without a little bit of help.


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