Popular Authors, I Have Never Read

I own a lot of books, too many to actually count and unfortunately, amongst all those books there is a lot that has gone unread. However, not only do I own a lot of books that I haven’t read but I also own a lot of books by popular authors that I have never read before! Hence my decision to write this post, an act of self-shaming to get me to actually read this fantastic selection of authors that I know I will likely enjoy and love! But also since this year, I read both my first VE Schwab novel and first Holly Bourne so I thought I could see what other authors I am missing out on!

Jay Kristoff
I have to say Jay Kristoff is one of the most popular authors amongst my friends and the one which I have never read before despite owning a copy of Nevernight since it’s paperback release. Now the final book in the Nevernight – trilogy? – has been released and I have still to pick it up and actually read it, despite assurances of my friends that I would love it. However, Jay Kristoff wrote Illuminae alongside his co-author Aime Kaufman and that is another series which I have been recommended and yet I still haven’t read it! Fingers crossed that I will get to at least Nevernight since I own it, at least by the end of the year!img_4525

Joanne Harris
Despite following her on Twitter, and being known for her novel Chocolat, Joanne Harris is an author which I have never read. I love her ‘TenThings series on Twitter and thoroughly enjoying her tweets which are often interesting and often really humour and thought-provoking! I have a copy of Chocolat ordered and am now just waiting for it to arrive, and I’m really excited to dive in and see if I enjoy it as much as everyone else has done.

Becky Chambers
Yet again another author whose books have been constantly recommended to me. I love a good sci-fi novel and I have told that Becky Chambers has written some of the best science fiction and people have often told me since I am a huge Star Trek fan then I will definitely enjoy her novels. Also, the covers are absolutely stunning.img_4523

Leigh Bardugo
Now, I have technically read Leigh Bardugo before but only one of her short stories from her Language of Thorns novel, which I have yet to finish. However, I am unsure whether or not to pursue Bardugo’s Grisha series or if I may make her first full-length novel that I read be Ninth House which I am really interested in reading. Perhaps after I read Ninth House then that will give me the push to try her YA novels and give the Grisha universe a chance!

Erin Morgenstern
I think I must be the only person to not have read The Night Circus which wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t had a copy of it on my bookshelf since I was 15 years old (I’m 21 now). I especially feel like I should have read it since The Starless Sea is due to be published later this year!


Have you read any of these authors? What was your favourite novel from them?

25 thoughts on “Popular Authors, I Have Never Read

  1. Just started Nevernight and after 10 minutes in I know this is a gem. Illuminae has a format that has to suit you, it’s something totally different and unique. Haven’t red the night circus either, but I have a feeling tat this is a perfect fit for the Christmas season so will pick it up then. Joanne Harris and Becky Chambers do not sound like authors for me.

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    1. Becky Chambers is one that I definitely need to read – so many of my friends love her and I have a feeling I will too. Just don’t know why it’s taking me so long to pick up one of her books.


    1. The Night Circus has been on my bookshelves for years now and it’s the one book that I’ve never really heard anyone say anything bad about so fingers crossed we both have a good experience with it!


  2. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any of these! Let alone read any of their work. 🙈 But it gives me a great excuse to discover someone new. 💕

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    1. I’m glad you are finding new authors to try! Branching out can be nerve-racking because if you don’t like a book sometimes it feels like wasted time and money which is why I love book blogging cause it can help people figure out what book is right for them!


    1. I need to see the film! I know that Chocolat is the first in a series of four books so far as the fourth has just been released! You will have to let me know how the film and book compare!

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