My YALC Book Haul 2019

I can’t believe it’s been over two weeks now since I returned home from London and YALC! Although, I am pleased to announce that I did unpack from my trip away quite quickly and found shelf space for all my new books – though we are ignoring the fact I have a suitcase under my bed from moving back home from university that hasn’t been unpacked at all!

This was my second year at YALC and I was quite excited even though I was only going for two days. I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of YALC back in 2018 but doing the whole three days was a bit much for me which is why I decided just to do the Friday and Saturday this year. However, despite only doing two days I was still able to get my hands on some really good books and I’ve already read a few too which I am very pleased about. Heading into YALC this year I only took three or four books down with me and tried my hardest not to pick up too many books and only pick up the ones which I am generally interested in reading and not get swept up with the hype for some.

I’ve decided to split this post up into two sections, firstly the books which I won or were proofs being given out at YALC and then I will mention all the books which I bought – quite a few of them I’m really excited to read too!


A few days before YALC Lizzie and Jenn both released blog posts entailing what proofs and special edition books would be available at YALC which I found incredibly helpful. After reading their post I saw there were only two proofs which I wanted which made my weekend quite easy. These were Scars Like Wings By Erin Stewart and The Deathless Girls By Kiran Millwood Hargrave – both were being done by raffles so I had my fingers and toes all crossed for them!

However, as I was staying with a friend in South East London, it took me almost an hour each morning to travel to and from YALC which made me sad in part because I didn’t think I would be able to enter any of the raffles for Scars Like Wings By Erin Stewart as both ended by 11am which would be before I even got to YALC! However, when I arrived on Friday morning I was ecstatic to see my friend Jamie, who I hadn’t seen since NYA! After a hug and quick catch up, she then presented me with a copy of Scars Like Wings! As she knew there was no way I would make the raffle in time she had entered and won it for me! I was super grateful because this is a book which I was desperate to read and actually devoured it over the weekend, (keep an eye out for my review soon!).


Unfortunately, I didn’t win the raffle for The Deathless Girls but since it’s being released in October I don’t mind having to wait a little longer until I get to read it. However, I did end up picking up two unexpected proof copies too which I was very intrigued by, first was The Sky is Mine by Amy Beashel and the second was Inchtinn: Island of Shadows by Danny Weston. Both of which I am really looking forward to delving into reading and writing up reviews on my blog!


Books that I Bought

Now, even though I tried to be really, really good and not purchase too many books I ended up with six books! I felt quite good about this because all six I know I will read before the end of the year – something that didn’t happen with last years YALC book haul, unfortunately!

On Friday I bought five of the six books which I ended up purchasing over the weekend, the first being The Path Keeper by N.J Simmonds. I was lucky enough to receive an ebook proof of this on Netgalley some months ago but unfortunately, whenever I downloaded it on either my phone or iPad it simply was not working so I was determined to pick up a physical copy at YALC! The covers are gorgeous and I’ve heard only brilliant things about this book so I am excited to finally read it for myself too!


After making my purchase of The Path Keeper, I quickly headed over to the Waterstones store because I knew I had quite a few points on my points card and that there were a few books that I was after! I ended up purchasing; Heartstream By Tom Pollock, Are We All Lemmings & Snowflakes By Holly Bourne, Girls of Paper and Fire By Natasha Ngan and Jemima Small Versus The Universe By Tasmin Winter. All of whom are new authors to me – I only just read my first ever Holly Bourne last month! But all four books I have heard so much about so knew that I wanted to get them and give them a go!


However, on Saturday I only made ONE book purchase – I know right gasp in shock and horror. However, this book was one I saw in hardback during my first YALC in 2018 and have to admit I was intrigued by it then and knew I would pick it up once it was released in paperback. Which is why I saw that the paperback of The Poppy War By R.F Kuang was being sold at YALC I let myself wait a day to deliberate over whether or not I really wanted to read it or not. Also, the added bonus of buying it on Saturday meant I didn’t have to lug so much back with me to South East London that evening.


That’s it, my YALC haul for 2019! What books did you get at YALC this year? Which are you looking forward to most and have to read any that I picked up?

39 thoughts on “My YALC Book Haul 2019

    1. I am very lucky and grateful for my friend – I love YALC mostly because I get to see friends who live in different parts of the county so that’s lovely as well as getting to buy books with them!


      1. I got a copy of The Fowl Twins by Eoin Colfer, and it’s the one I wanted the most. I think Harper360 must have had quite a few copies because on the Sunday they just gave copies to me and the friends I was with. To be fair, we were at that stall a lot!

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      2. I’m glad you got the proof that you wanted most and it’s lovely that they gave it to you! I hope that you enjoy it – I’ve never read anything by Eoin Colfer before!

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      3. I’ve already read it and I loved it. Artemis Fowl was my favourite series as a kid when everyone was gushing over Harry Potter. I just wish I had it on the Friday so Eoin Colfer could have signed it.

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  1. I’m still sad I didn’t go to YALC because a lot of my favourite authors were there. I really want to read girls of paper and fire. I absolutely loved are we all lemmings and snowflakes by Holly Bourne. She is one of my favourite authors.

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    1. Then, in that case, I’m excited to pick it up – I was only introduced to Holly last month but can already tell that I am going to like her books! Hopefully, you will get to come to YALC next year?


  2. Loved reading this post and seeing all the books you managed to pick up at YALC! After seeing how much fun the experience was for you and a lot of other people on Twitter, I definitely want to get tickets for next years. I’ve been wanting to read The Poppy War and funnily enough, I’m going to an event tomorrow that R.F Kuang is at so perhaps I’ll purchase a copy then! Hope you really enjoy the books you picked up and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts (:

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    1. You definitely should! For me I would recommend definitely going to Friday if you can, everything is just a little bit quieter and more chilled out! Oh if you do pick up the Poppy War let me know! It is nice to share thoughts with someone while reading it! Thank you for reading x


    1. Yeah – I totally get that. I say go to your local bookshop and look at an authors’ backlists of books so you don’t have to worry about the hype and you may just find a new favourite!

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  3. I am still so sad at the fact that I was so busy and didn’t get to go to this year’s YALC. Oh well, there’s next year. *finger crossed*

    Anyway, The Path Keeper is on my TBR list but I am yet to purchase it. Great haul! Can’t wait to read your reviews on these books. x Ain (

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    1. Fingers crossed that you can make it next year! I’m very excited to get back to reading the Path Kepper now and will certainly be writing a review on it!


  4. Great haul! I’m sad I didn’t get to look around YALC as much as I wanted. LFCC took up a large proportion of my time, but I’m going again next year and hoping to do more of YALC on the Friday. The Path Keeper sounds like such a good book! Definitely going on my TBR.

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    1. LFCC was so good though! It’s hard to split your time between the two! I would definitely say try YALC on the Friday or Sunday cause it is so much quieter!


    1. Sometimes you can judge a book though by it’s cover – I am certainly guilty due to the fact that I like to indulge in pretty covers from time to time!

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    1. Thank you! I’m very happy with my little haul and can’t wait to write the reviews too! Hoping to get my review of Scars Like Wings up closer to its release date!

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    1. I am certainly lucky to have such a good friend and very grateful to her! Especially since the book meant a lot to me and I absolutely adored it! Thank you!


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