What I Read in May 2019

Is it just me, or has May seemed to go forever now? I swear that it feels like months ago since I handed in my dissertation, had my last classes for my degree, moving out of my university house and even starting my attempt to blog every day in May which was unsuccessful but still rewarding. The month has been a long one for sure, and one which had so much has happened but that’s not what this post is about, today’s post is about all those books which I read during the month. I was looking back at my bullet journal to count up all the books and can safely say that I was surprised to see that I managed to read a total of 16 books – and not all of them were Nora Roberts either!

  • Ashoka By E.K Johnston (Audiobook)
    I started this month off on a reread, or maybe it’s a relisten, I first listened to Ahsoka back during my first year at university before reading my own copy during my second year – so when I saw that the audiobook of Ahsoka was available on audible again I had to get it!
  • The Starlight Watchmaker By Lauren James (Review Copy)
    I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Lauren James’ latest book for review from the team at Barrington Stoke. If you don’t know, Barrington Stoke is a publishing house that is all about accessible reading and I’ve enjoyed almost every book I’ve read that has been published by them. I wrote a full review of The Starlight Watchmaker that you can find here.
  • The Last Days of Archie Maxwell By Annabel Pitcher
    I purchased this one during the first NYA festival after hearing Annabel talk on one of the panels. I loved hearing her speak so was intrigued which is why I picked up one of her books though I’m disappointed that it took me so long to finally pick it up! The Last Days of Archie Maxwell, follow Archie as he comes to terms with his father being gay and his interactions with others at school.
  • A Monster Calls By Patrick Ness (audiobook)
    Another reread for the month of May, I was able to get the audiobook on audible so decided to listen to it while I was commuting for my last weeks at university. Narrated by Jason Issacs, listening to this book still made me equally emotional as I was when I first read it and saw the film!
  • Two Can Keep A Secret By Karen McManus
    I read One of Us is Lying last year, so when I saw that Karen McManus was bringing out another book, I knew that I would be picking it up. Although I found it enjoyable, I guessed the whole plot within the first forty pages and it just didn’t fuel me like One of Us is Lying did. Personally, I don’t think that this was one for me but I’m still looking forward to reading Karen McManus’ next book – which I believe is a sequel to One of Us is Lying.
  • The Extinction Trials: Rebel By S.M Wilson
    Hunger Games crossed with Jurassic Park! What is not to love! I read the first two in the series last year and it took me too long to finally get to Rebel, which I ended up devouring in a single sitting. I love S.M Wilson’s writing style, it captures my imagination and makes it incredibly hard to put any of the books down – but what I especially liked was the focus on friendship and family relationships in this series than romance. It was really refreshing to have the driving force not only be survival but for the families within the series which is why I loved it as much as I did.
  • City of Ghosts By Victoria Schwab
    City of Ghosts was my first foray into Victoria Schwab’s writing, despite the fact I’ve been a huge fan of her for years from seeing her twitter feed. I simply just have never picked up any of her books before and if I am honest, I think having City of Ghosts be my introduction was brilliant. I adore middle-grade fiction, as often it reminds you to be in touch with your childhood self but also the possibilities it presents and the fact that I can often read a middle-grade in a single day or sitting. I think I will do an individual review of this in another post but one thing I can certainly say is that I am looking forward to its a sequel, Tunnel of Bones.
  • The Fandom and The Fandom Rising By Anna Day
    I received a copy of the Fandom Rising for review but before I read it, I decided to reread The Fandom and I have to say, I adore this world. It’s so addictive but I have to say The Fandom Rising was my favourite and gripped me so much more. Having a dual narrative with Violet and Alice in two separate worlds just added so much more. My opinion on Alice for instance completely changed and she ended up becoming my favourite character. Again, I will be uploading a separate review for the series and I cannot wait to get all y thoughts out there.
  • Storm Hound By Claire Fayers
    This was an unsolicited proof which I received earlier in the mail this year which I cannot believe it took me this long to get around to reading! I really loved reading Mirror Magic last year, it was a great introduction to Claire’s writing, and I equally enjoyed Storm Hound – I mean I love all books that centre around dogs!
  • Lumberjanes Volume Eleven
    How could I forget that the eleventh volume of Lumberjanes came out this month! After binge-reading the first ten volumes earlier this year, I completely fell in love with the Lumberjanes and their camp – seriously I wish I could go to this place! And, I hope this series never ever ends because I simply love it so much, I adore especially the numerous adventures these girls have and how many mythical beings they encounter too!
  • In Death By J.D Robb (4 Books)
    If you have seen me on twitter or have been reading my posts on my blog for a while then you will certainly know how much I adore the In Death series by J.D Robb (Nora Roberts) and tend to at least read one book from that series in a month. This month I read four of these books: Divided in Death, Visions in Death, Survivor in Death and Origin in Death. With each instalment, there is always the fear that these books might become repetitive but in truth, they don’t instead, the stakes change, the situations are never the same and sometimes the killer isn’t always how you expect them to be. Following Eve, Roake and the team is a delight and still, my only complaint would be that Mira and Dennis aren’t featured as much as I would like them to be. So far, including the novellas, I think I am halfway this series and might actually be all caught up when the 50th novel, Golden in Death, is released!

How was your reading month in May? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments down below!

25 thoughts on “What I Read in May 2019

  1. Wow, that’s quite the progress! I’m lucky if I get 4-6 books in a month read.

    Thanks for the VE Schwab recommendation. I had no idea she wrote on an easier reading level, and I always love to check out the different levels authors write in.

    Just as an example, I prefer Gaiman’s books aimed at younger readers than I do his adult series.

    Great post. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That would be a great idea! If I’m honest as soon as I finished Rebel I just wanted to pick up the books all over again. It’s such an amazing world and I hope that we get to revisit it in the future!

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  2. WOW that’s a lot of books. And I’ve not heard of most of them either! I literally read one book in May and I struggled with it because I hated it! Oh and I listened to one audio book too which I loved (though I think it was more to do with narrator than the story haha). That’s an impressive lot of books you read in one month though and they don’t look like short stories either. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whenever I find that I am struggling with a book because of my dislike of it, I always put it down, otherwise, it will send me into a reading slump! Thank you, I finished uni and spent a lot of time in hospitals this month so I’ve had quite a bit of time to read!

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  3. Wow, that’s really impressive! Sadly I haven’t finished one book this year. 😦 There haven’t been any that have captivated me, yet. But I’m always on the look out for recommendations; The Extinction Trials sounds right up my alley! “Hunger Games crossed with Jurassic Park”!? Sign me up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely a series that’s action-packed, emotionally pulls you in and brilliant. Honestly, each book in the trilogy I’ve read in a single sitting because I’ve become that engrossed!


    1. I finished university this month and have been spending a lot of time at hospitals and doctors so I’ve had quite a bit of free time but I’m a really fast reader too.


    1. City of Ghosts certainly is and it’s quite short too. I think if you like the sound of it then you should definitely pick it up to read and its sequel is being released in September!


  4. I have no idea how you get through these, I’m struggling towards the end of one book at the moment with a lot more in the queue. I’m looking up City of Ghosts as we speak as you’ve piqued my interest now! I totally agree with you about middle-grade fiction allowing you to be in touch with your childhood.

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