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The Last Class

This morning I went to my last class as an undergraduate at uni and I have to admit, it felt really strange. In a way, I’m still expecting that come September I will be heading back to university for another year, another semester. But I’m not, for the first time in twenty-one years I am not going to be in education anymore and that is terrifying as much as it is exciting. I know that a lot of my friends are going straight into Master degrees but for me, I just wanted to take a year out for me and figure out what pathway I want to follow.

It’s strange because was junior school, senior school and even with sixth form, whenever it came to the last class it felt like it was right. I was ready and excited to move onto to the next level of my education but this time… it’s completely different. Every other time before has felt lie an end and this time, I feel like maybe it’s more of the beginning of something. Beginning of an adventure or maybe it’s because I don’t know if this is the end of my university career.


I think that I would certainly like to go onto doing a masters one day, but I really want to research, save and figure out were would suit me best because honestly, picking a university for my undergraduate was kind of blind, I accepted the only university to give me an unconditional despite never having visited the uni itself. It was a huge risk – massively so but it worked out for the best and in all honesty, I have loved my university experience at York St John. I am hugely grateful and thankful for the staff there, and the course which has taught me and allowed me to grow so much.

Heading in for my final class – a 9am one ironically, something which was my first ever class too. Heading up the spiral staircase – which still makes me feel queasy no matter how many times I’ve walked up there. I was surprised to see that so many other people had shown up, the past few weeks we’ve had a class of four or five but today was practically everyone who had been there in the first week.

I don’t think it will ever be my last class like I already said I think it’s likely that I will go on to do a Master’s degree at least but still, it is my last class at the university which I’ve been at for the past three years of my life. I don’t think I will ever completely leave education – I don’t think anyone does because that’s who we are. We’re learners, people who even simply reading the news we are still learning and that’s what I love. I love learning and education and getting my hands on nearly every piece of information that is possible.

Thank you, York St John, for teaching me, for allowing me to grow and helping me onto the next part of the adventure.


How was your last day of classes? How did it make you feel?


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