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Library Dash

I am a self-confessed creature of habit (as well as a self-confessed list maker). I enjoy sitting in the same place – I have my own spot on the sofa at home, I enjoy doing similar tasks in my routine and going to familiar places. Now I know being a creature of habit can at times be bad or not the best to be but this post I am going to celebrate my creature of habit-ness (definitely a real word). That is because I was inspired this morning on my morning dash in the library to capture at least one of my favourite places to sit and work.

Sadly, this is the last week of teaching classes at uni which means the last time seeing some of my university friends for a while at least – though Graduation is in November so will definitely see them then! But this morning after a lovely brunch with my friend we decided to go to the library in order to study and write up our final essays. If that wasn’t scary enough we could already see that the library was beginning to fill up despite it being 9.45 in the morning! Which meant acting quick!

img_3881I like to sit on the top floor of my university library, it’s also known as the silent floor were you aren’t allowed to talk in those walls because it’s for silent study unless you are sitting on the balcony. The balcony has been one of my favourite places to study since coming to university but there is also limited space which means if you see a space then you better act fast. Upon arriving Sally couldn’t see any free spaces until finally, we spotted one which meant the ‘library dash’ occurred in a hurry to get the table so we could have a study base. As being a creature of habit, this meant I could sit in the space I like and get to work – blog commenting and writing this post instead of actually writing an essay.


But there are other places that require often a library dash:

  • The Comfy Sofa
    At university on the ground floor, there are lots of comfy sofa’s which you can sit on and work though because they are quite comfortable and nice to work at, huge groups often overtake them before you can even get to them. This was especially annoying during the first year when you were only ever allowed to eat on the ground floor, a rule that has thankfully been lifted the past two years.
  • Individual Study Cubes
    I don’t know if this is exactly what they are called,  but on the silent floor, we have these individual study cube type spaces that mean you can sit at either a computer or a space to bring your own laptop (my favourite) and study without any distractions. This has been my favourite place to work this year and I, being a creature of habit, have one particular space that I like to work at – mainly because it has the best view. I got very annoyed earlier this year when I came into the library super early to claim this seat and a guy saw I was walking towards it and took it anyway! Very rude but he left after an hour so I stole my seat back.
  • Computers Near the Children’s Section
    A place I’ve favoured when studying with friends, it’s a whole little section of computers but aware of the main buzz and commotion of the library. You can still hear people around but there aren’t a lot of people by you. I like sitting next to the window so I can procrastinate and pretend I’m looking for inspiration – really I’m just people watching as other students walk about campus.img_3888
  • The end of the train carriage
    I travel a lot by train to get to and from uni and each journey taking anywhere from 40 minutes to over an hour depending on the train and often frequent delays – the longest was four hours stuck on the train tracks. This means I have a prime opportunity to do a lot of reading and studying but I only like to sit in certain places of the train which are either end of the carriage. I hate sitting in the middle of a carriage, I think it’s because I often feel stuck while sitting at the end means I can be the first to jump off the train. So I sit at either end of the carriage and always by the window so I can get a plug socket. Hence why the library dash is essential to getting on the train before the crowds and getting the seat that I prefer most – which is often successful due to the number of times I use the train I can now judge where the doors will be on the platform.
  • Costa Coffee at the train station – behind the drinks.
    As I have mentioned, I often travel by train and as a result, often appear in costa to get a hot beverage and often a tea cake or a salted caramel muffin depending on whether or not I am in a sweet or savoury mood – sometimes both if I haven’t eaten already. Another habit I have is to arrive early for everything so often I am at the train station early which means I can sneak a couple of chapters of a book I am reading in before I have to head out to my platform – normally 10 or 11. However, if there are a lot of people in the queue I often have to practise the library dash to get my seat in order to be able to sit down and eat.

These are my creature of habit spaces within my university or spaces which I like to occupy when travelling to and from uni whether it to be read or study or even more likely scroll through Twitter. What is your creature of habit spaces?

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