A Love of Lists

I have a confession to make… I am a list maker. I don’t mean just your everyday to-do list which to be quite honest – I have one every single day as part of my bullet journal. No, I am a compulsive list maker, to-do lists are the most prominent of those lists which I constantly find myself making. But it is not the only type of list that I make.  Which is why I thought I would write this blog post (in a list like form) listing off all of the lists I use and why I love them.

  • Packing Lists
    No matter where I’m going or for how long for, I make a list! But not just a single list, multiple lists, lists that are even divided into categories and subsections of what I need to pack. This is because I have a deep fear or forgetting things and rather than going over everything three times in my head, having a written list so I can check off each and every item calms me down and makes me less worried.
  • Book Lists
    Book lists are essential to me because if I don’t have it written down in a list then I will forget – my memory is notoriously bad at times. But I have multiple lists, lists for book series I’m reading (In Death and Star Wars mainly) lists of proofs which I have that I need to read, lists of books to review, list of books I’m selling. Lots of bookish type lists! Oh, and of course books I’ve read this year list as well!
  • Film Lists
    I love a good movie franchise but sometimes in a series, I just have to list them out and check them off – though not always in order *cough* marvel *cough*. But I also have lists of films I’ve seen with friends, list of films I’ve gone and seen throughout my life (well the past few years at least) and films I want to go and see when they come out!

Overall, I think I make a lot of lists but what are the main lists that you have and use regularly?

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9 thoughts on “A Love of Lists

  1. You are preaching to the choir on this one. I make lists all the time related to my writing processes so I don’t forget little tidbits about characters, YouTube music playlists for inspirations and themes, reading lists for goodreads, library lists, the lists can and will go on!

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    1. Lists are essential and you just reminded me to start thinking about Father’s day too! Need to make a list for that to figure out what to get my Dad!

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    1. I don’t get all my things done every single time, often when I feel unproductive I add stuff on my list for the day just to tick it off within seconds!


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