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Midnight Thoughts

Today I did no university work at all. Not a single glance towards my beloved dissertation or even an edit on my ‘gender and sexualities’ assignment which is due in a weeks time. I still haven’t quite completed it. But that is alright because I know it will get done in the end. Instead, I took the day to clean out my room, sort through the countless amounts of DVDs, CDs and books which I simply do not use anymore or have no interest in. They’re all boxed up now in the dreaded spare room – our spare room is basically the junk room, the room we simply close the door on and forget it’s all there. Dad said he plans on gutting it while I’m off for Easter. The translation of that equates to: Hannah’s going to gut the spare room and make it all nice again. 

I don’t mind. Cleaning is something which helps me cope when it’s all getting a bit too much for me. Like it is now. I’ve been keeping off social media – keeping away from it really. And that is okay because sometimes you need to take those few moments, take the steps back and reevaluate. I really need to organise my bookshelves. I wish I could make them pretty, colour coordinated or something. But I can’t – maybe it’s the ex-bookseller in me holding on but my bookshelves have to be in alphabetical order, by author’s surname. Except for my graphic novels, Star Wars novels, manga and all Harry Potter related novels which each have their own designated shelves. Oh, and my Nora Roberts/J.D Robb novels which occupy their own shelf on my ladder bookcase. Cleaning helps.

Currently, it’s almost midnight and I’m sitting at the end of my bed. Reasons as to why I am not at the top is simply because when I went to brush my teeth, two little bods leapt into the warm spots. This is unusual for Toaby, he’s fifteen on Wednesday, and it’s something I often let him get away with at all times. But Oscar he’s a new occurrence recently when we first bought him home the plan was always for him to sleep in my room after he was allowed out from the puppy cage. Unfortunately, with the confrontation of new found freedom, he choose to follow Rambo and sleep in my parents’ room, until recently. Now he comes in here and curls up with Toaby and sleeps the night away. They’ve certainly become bedtime buds.

I just finished Seduction in Death by J.D Robb too. It’s the thirteenth book in the series and my thirty-sixth book of the year now. It’s a series which I don’t know anyone else who has read it but something which is quickly becoming one of my most favourite things to dive right into. Whenever I just need to slip away into a world that isn’t my own, I keep on finding myself reaching out for the comfort of Eve’s narrative and voice. Eve and her team are just a joy to get to know – that is if you ignore the fact often multiple murders occurring with the need for them to be solved. Nora Roberts – she uses the pseudonym (which is a hard word to spell) for her In Death series – is an author whose words are like magic. No wonder she’s written over 200 novels and in all honesty, I hope to read/devour them all.

I’m currently listening to The Crimes of Grindelwald soundtrack, a movie which I have a huge bag of mix feelings for but the soundtrack is something I adore. James Newton Howard is one of my favourite composers, the way he creates music is like a form of magic. It’s as if with each note, each string being played creates a reaction inside.  I can easily close my eyes and see a story of colour unravel along with the notes and chimes of the music. Not knowing just seeing it but feel it all move around inside too – it makes me happy. It makes me feel.

Today has been a long day, and now it’s midnight. I should perhaps go to sleep soon but first I think I may treat myself with a chapter or two of the next In Death book – I don’t want to disturb the boys just yet. They look so cute.

Goodnight x

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