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Blog Tour: Mirror Magic By Claire Fayers

*I received a copy of Mirror Magic as part of the blog tour and in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own*

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When I was younger, I used to visit my grandparents’ house every other day, especially during the holidays. In their bathroom, there was this huge wall length mirror which I was for some reason mesmerized with, I remember standing in front of it and just staring and wondering if there was something behind the mirror. I often used to imagine that there was a world similar to my own but perhaps had some magical qualities which belonged to that world. I still often wonder if there is more to a mirror than merely a reflection. It was probably why when I heard about Mirror Magic and was asked to join the tour; I practically leaped at the chance.

Mirror Magic begins as a tale of Ava and her brother Matthew just before their arrival in the town of Wyse, which consequently the only town in which magic mirrors still work and connect to the magical town of Unwyse. It is within Unwyse that we meet Howell, a boy who has no magical abilities and works in the museum of dead mirrors, caretaking for them. Set in an alternative version of Victorian England, it was fun to see how the world would be with if magic were real. Mirror Magic is a novel filled with fun, magic, adventure, and mysteries to be solved.

I really loved the mystery aspect within Mirror Magic as there was undoubtedly a lot of them! Mostly they surrounded why the two towns were connected and almost reflected one another? Who was the sinister Mr. Bones? Why Ava’s father left the town of Wyse? Why did the Mirrors initially stop working? What was the connection between Ava and Howell? Which is why I became utterly captivated by the book itself! Claire has the ability to build worlds and their characters in a way which completely captivates you!

The characters are outstanding, especially the secondary characters which stand out just as brightly as the mains, Ava and Howell. Particularly two characters who stand out in my mind who I fell in love with were: Lunette and the Book. Lunette belongs in the world of Unwyse and is a hat maker, though her hats often have strange and spectacular abilities such as the ability to transform into a tiger. Lunette is a vibrant and completely fun character to read, I loved her as soon as she was introduced! Though it was not only Lunette who I adored but The Book as well, who actually introduces each chapter with a line or two, which often is completely sassy throughout.

I fell in love with Mirror Magic, the characters and their friendships along with the world which Claire had created but most of all Claire Fayers’ writing, if you haven’t picked up a copy of this book then I urge you to do so!

I’d like to thank Karen and the team at Macmillan for inviting me to participate in the tour. Please check out all the other stops on the tour to see what everyone else thought and to see some exciting guest posts by Claire herself!

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