The First Chapters of Five.

It was definitely too good to be true. In May I managed to read the grand total of 18 books, which coincidentally was a surprise to me as I had no idea that I had read that many books until I looked at my Goodreads challenge. Perhaps that is, why I am now struggling to read at the moment, I’m certainly at the verge of a slump which would not be ideal given that NYA and YALC are less than a month away!

Which is why I’m trying to not focus on how much am reading and hoping to fall into what mysterious state I was in throughout May which meant I read so many books. Which is why I decided to take the five books which I have left to read for NYA off my ever growing TBR pile and read the first chapters of those books and see which calls to me first. Along with this I will be only going off the first chapter alone and will not have read the blurb either. They are all supernatural and fantasy based, but I thought it may be fun to document my thoughts, here and see which the winner is and will hopefully give me the kick up the butt to get my reading game back on!

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The Books:

The Fallen Children By David Owen: Wow, so that was quite shocking. The first chapter or section of The Fallen Children is called ‘The Livestream’, and I think I’m a bit terrified now, I was not expecting that.

To Kill A Kingdom By Alexandra Christo: Gosh if I thought Fallen Children was terrifying, Kingdom appears so much darker. I love it. I’ve never read a book about siren’s before this will be interesting. I love how harsh and sharp the Sirens appear to be.

The Novice By Taran Matharu: There seems to be a lot of death or violence in these books, particularly at the start. But I do love a good assassin book, and I like this Fletcher, but I can’t say the same for Didric – I despise shady characters, and he definitely rilled me up.

The Smoke Thieves By Sally Green: Demons! This looks interesting, and Tash at only 13 has such a fire to her. I loved her, she was so endearing when thinking of the boots and which pair she truly longed for. This is gonna be a hard choice to pick a book to start with!

State of Sorrow By Melinda Salisbury: Oh this was the sadness one of the five. Seeing the heartbreak and tragedy on a day of peace was quite sad, but I certainly enjoyed the writing style.

Now I’d just like to say that I will be continuing to read all of these books, this post is to help me decide which to pick up first and hopefully prevent me from falling further into this dreaded reading slump! So the winner (they are all winners) and the book I shall be reading first is…

The Fallen Children By David Owen! 

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The Winner!

I’m really looking forward to attending the Supernatural NYA event on July 21st (only a month away!) and tickets are still available, and you can find them here!


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3 thoughts on “The First Chapters of Five.

  1. Loved this post! This is how I end up decided my books a lot of the time, so it was interesting to see someone else do it. I hope you enjoy The Fallen Children, I’ve seen so many people rave about it. State of Sorrow is one of my most recent YA favourites, so hopefully you enjoy that if you get to it sometimes soon!

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