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May 2018

May was a whirlwind month for me, it certainly had a lot of stuff jam-packed into it, but for me, the most notable of all those things is that I have now completed my second year at university which is terrifying. It’s strange to think that this time two years ago I was actually completing my A-level exams and preparing to move away to another city and begin uni and now it’s almost finished. It’s bizarre how time has moved so fast and how so much has changed, but I’m excited about the future, and that includes moving back to that strange city instead of commuting, – it’s still terrifying, but I feel a bit more prepared than I did last time!

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The start of May was very kind to me as I was able to meet up with the #NorthernBookBloggers and have a catch-up. We hadn’t seen one another since the Northern YA Literary festival, so it had been a while but gave me the perfect opportunity to invest in some new books – and that was a lot of books. After meeting up in Stones, we migrated over to Chiquito’s which is a restaurant that I have never actually been to before. I was a little nervous because I’m a picky eater so going somewhere unfamiliar was a bit nerve-racking for me. But I did find food on the menu which I enjoyed and surprisingly some cocktails too! My favourite one I tried was the Mex on the Beach which actually became quite a popular one for us all I think! If you want to see what books I bought then please check out my Books and Cocktails post!

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Speaking of books, May was exceptionally kind to me because not only did I purchase some incredible books but I have also been able to read so many! I actually did a count up yesterday, and in total, I had been able to read 18 which brought up my Goodreads challenge to 43 books this year. I don’t know if my reading so much was due to finishing university or because of the urge to dive into as many new worlds as possible, but I’m quite happy. Though perhaps it has to do with the fact we’ve had two glorious sunny bank holidays in May and with the sun finally appearing it has meant I’ve been doing a lot of reading outside! Currently though in my monthly wrap-ups I haven’t been going into much depth on the books and I’ve been wondering if what you guys would prefer? Would you rather individual reviews on books, a separate reading wrap up in the form of a blog post or video? Please let me know as I think this would be really helpful, though during June I am already planning to do a week dedicated to book reviews, so a few of these books maybe appearing anyway!

Screenshot 2018-06-01 at 12.39.29 PMThough, not only was it the books which I read and bought made the month! I was actually able to go to a book event at my local Waterstones which is super exciting as we never used to get so many events. The Waterstones which myself and the #NorthernBookBloggers regularly meet up in isn’t actually my local and tends to have more events as its a bigger store which is why my excitement for having one in my local store was bubbling over the top. The event which I got to go to was actually an author signing which was done by James Nicol who writes The Apprentice Witch book series which incidentally I read during the first bank holiday of May and enjoyed immensely. I will certainly be having a review of these two books up soon along with something extra special. Though I urge you if you have the opportunity to read these books and go see James at an event, then I urge you to go as James is incredibly lovely and I think we ended talking for almost 20 minutes? (Don’t worry there wasn’t anyone behind me in the queue as I was right at the back.)

I’m now beginning to realise how much bookish stuff actually happened in May! I think with having a lot of free time suddenly has been the reason! Though I need to prepare for the third year which entails a lot of reading in advance as well as research for my dissertation! Though it wasn’t just booked in May which has me excited – the movies too of course. If you know me well, then you will know I am an avid moviegoer, though I’ve never been by myself. This month I saw 4 amazing films and consequently like in April one of those was a midnight release!


Yes, I did go and see Avenger Infinity War again, but this time I went with my Dad who has been slowly getting into the Marvel movies with me, so it was nice to see it together. Even if during the movie he would keep whispering to me asking who was who. Surprisingly though, despite being a huge Star Wars fan Solo wasn’t my favourite film which I saw this month as my favourite was actually: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  Now that is certainly a mouth full to say but I loved it and have actually purchased the novel since and started it so I’m excited to read it.

Now I hope this isn’t going to appear egotistical of me to mention but in May one of my Tweets kind of blew up (or at least it blew up for me since most tweets I only get one or two likes). The tweet was a picture of myself before heading off to see the Avengers and it was one with no filter or editing involved, it was just me. I have psoriasis which is a skin condition, I’ve had it since I was seven and quite often is causing my skin to flake and be very red and in all honesty, it’s been something I’ve resented and felt disgusted with for years. So I tweeted the pic and the response I had was unbelievable, I received so many positive messages and talked to so many people who experience the same as me, it was lovely to see so many people coming together to tell their stories. I guess I just wanted to put it in here to remind you all that you are beautiful and you should never ever feel disgusted with who you are.

30 thoughts on “May 2018

  1. First of all, congrats for completing your second year at uni. *throws confetti* 😀
    Also, aren;t you such a bookish person? I LOVE IT! I have been struggling to find good books to read lately, please suggest me some.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I certainly am a bookish person, my degree is even in literature! Thank you, what sort of books do you like?


    1. Cocktails was certainly fun! You should definitely read it and watch it! The film and book are brilliant and the characters are so vibrant!


  2. Congrats on finishing your second year of uni!
    I am so jealous of the amount of reading you have done. With all the work I have had going on, I have barely read anything in May. Must change that this month!

    Ciara |

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on finishing your second year at uni. You read so much more than I did last month (your dog is super cute btw). And I’m totally jealous that you’ve seen Affinity War – I still haven’t but hoping to soon x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s a lot of books and I totally understand you! I purchased about 10 books last month I think. Haha. Yes, for seeing Infinity War again! I can’t wait for the DVD. I’m also looking forward to watch Mary and the Witch’s Flower. And love, you’re beautiful still without make up! ❤️

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  5. Congratulations on finishing your second year of uni Hannah! 💖 Wow, sounds like May has been a really busy and fun month. I love Chiquito, Mexican food is my fave! Well done on reading so many books, that’s so impressive! Loving your little doggie too 😍 xx

    Bexa |

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  6. Amazing to hear that you are done with your second year of university- it really does go by super fast! Also, that is such accomplishment that you read so many books, this post really motivated me to up my game when it comes to reading books! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  7. That’s so fun! I would love to do a book bloggers meet up in my area. That would be so fun. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself this month!

    Liked by 1 person

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