Author Q&A with James Nicol

Author Q&A with James Nicol

You may have noticed on my twitter feed recently or from my wrap up post of May that I have possibly found one of my favourite middle-grade book series I have ever read! The Apprentice Witch and Witch Alone are a middle-grade series which is written by James Nicol whom I met last month and was lovely enough to [...]


Q&A with Melvin Burgess ~ The Northern YA Literary Festival

The Northern YA Literary Festival is back, and this time it's a supernatural and fantastical edition, and once again us #NorthernBookBloggers are taking part! In case you didn't see it yesterday I reviewed Melvin's Burgess' latest novel; The Lost Witch which you can find here. While today I am interviewing the author himself! Hi Melvin! Welcome to [...]

May 2018

May was a whirlwind month for me, it certainly had a lot of stuff jam-packed into it, but for me, the most notable of all those things is that I have now completed my second year at university which is terrifying. It's strange to think that this time two years ago I was actually completing [...]