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Blog Tour: Cold Bath Street By A.J Hartley

* I was sent a copy of Cold Bath Street in exchange for an honest review, all opinions stated in this review are my own.*


I think anyone would agree after studying an intense course on Gothic literature for the past five months would mean that picking up another Gothic novel may not be a good idea. Afterall, you shouldn’t have too much of a good thing but when I was asked to join the blog tour for Cold Bath Street and read the blurb then I could not refuse at all. Cold Bath Street has become a book which I deeply wished I had been able to study and write about in my last semester of university this year!

Picking up Cold Bath Street I instantly was intrigued with the world and the rules of death which Hartley creates, which is beautifully illustrated throughout by Janet Pickering. As Preston walks among his new world dead, a world which is grey with only a few ghosts unable to move ‘on’ remain stuck, it’s interesting to see how Preston’s own reactions vary as he begins to try to figure out not only was happening to himself but if there was a way to help others.

I really enjoyed the fact that rather than past vs present, Preston’s experience linked more between the living present and his own dead present. Which I felt was interesting as it allowed the two presents to connect and allow us to meet so many new characters. In Preston’s world of the dead we meet Roarer who is a character I really enjoyed reading, despite his occasional moody spells, he was a bit of fun added to the story and his character I think would be like anyone who suddenly woke up dead but can literally do anything. He encourages Preston to eat as many sweets in the shop or go drink beer in the pub, despite them being dead, I think Roarer is a great character to introduce Preston to the afterlife.

I think if you like a gothic novel with a twist then this would definitely be something which you should try. Cold Bath Street, has probably become one of my favourite Gothic novels I’ve read and I’m already telling my friends to pick it up too!

Remeber to check out everyone else’s posts for the tour and discover more about        Cold Bath Street! Thank you once again NYA fest for having me on this blog tour!

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