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I Was Born For This #YAPlaylist

I’m really excited that my comeback to blogging after completing so many university assignments is this! I received a copy of I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman in exchange for an honest review (coming soon) and the opportunity to take part in this blog tour! 


Whenever I’m reading I need music, I feel like it helps me connect with the story which is being told so quite often once I read the first two chapters of a book that’s when I’ve typically figured out a movie soundtrack to match it. Which is why I was pleased to see Alice’s song choice was actually an instrumental song and one which I hadn’t actually heard of before.

Somewhere In Between – August Wilhelmsson

This is a bit of a tone change in my I Was Born for This playlist! This is an instrumental track I think I discovered on one of Spotify’s own instrumental playlists. I probably discovered it around the time I was editing IWBFT (I really like to listen to Spotify’s instrumental playlists while I’m writing and editing) and it just fit perfectly with one of the final scenes of IWBFT – when the drama is done, and the world is, for a little while at least, at peace again.

As for my stop here on the, I Was Born For This #YAPlaylist blog tour, my song choice was actually not an instrumental one! (Shocker!)

Willfully Blind – Saints of Silence

I picked this song firstly because it was part of the House of Night book trailers which were probably the first fandom I actually joined? I think I must have been 13 or 14 when I started reading this series and I was obsessed, there were loads of Facebook groups (I don’t even think Tumblr existed at this point) for this series and it was great to talk about these characters I loved. It was my first experience of a fandom, but it was also my first experience with pop-rock songs and I loved the Saints of Silence, its one of the few bands which I will actually listen too.

Huge thank you to Alice for coming on my blog and telling us one of the songs for her playlist for I Was Born For This, it was really interesting to find out about why you had that song! Make sure you all check out everyone else on the playlist and find out other song’s Alice picked and bloggers!

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