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Month of March

I may or may not have forgotten to write up this post in advance, but clearly, that means March was a very busy month for me – which it was! Technically I’m still recovering from the assortment of bugs and illnesses which I gathered throughout January and February but I’m getting there slowly. Very slowly but it kind of put things in perspective for me, especially after I finally got to attend my consultation at the hospital and figuring out what the heck is/was wrong with me. However, March wasn’t all about recovery and hospital, but a month which included 9 books being read, countless viewings of Guardians of the Galaxy, a couple of bookish events, 2 cinema trips, 1 dreaded lecture on third-year dissertations, the beginning of the Easter holidays, the start of my bullet journal and countless hours spent on trains! Oh, and the continued adventures of one very excitable and mischevious puppy.

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March Page in my Bujo.

I think I’ll have to start off with the books and bookish events! This month, as you may have seen from previous blog posts I was able to attend the first Northern YA Literary Festival, which was held in Preston by the University of Central Lancashire! In all honesty, the day was incredibly exciting especially since it was the first big bookish event which I was able to go to. Along with the event, it meant another day hanging out with my fellow #NorthernBookBloggers and you can find all our posts about the event over here. Along with seeing fellow bloggers, we were able to meet up with other bloggers from across the country, watch panels with authors I admire greatly and even get to have some books signed!

Along with meeting so many amazing authors at The Northern YA Literary Festival, I was able to meet another author in my hometown this month. Robin Stevens, who writes the most amazing murder/crime books for children came to my local Waterstones to do a signing which was really exciting. She is a fabulous author, and I do love a bit of a murder mystery, so it was lovely to meet her and get some books signed!

Now, as in every wrap up onto the books which I read! I read a total of 9 books throughout the month of March, 6 of which were rereads for me. As I saw Love, Simon at the cinema during February I thought that it was about time I finally picked up the book which it was based on. Although I did love the book for me I loved the film even more – perhaps this was because I’d seen it before reading the book? But the book for March which was one of my most anticipated reads this year was Doctor Aphra Vol.2 which completely lived up to expectations.


In case you don’t know, I am a great lover of films. Ever since I and my friends were old enough to go off to the cinema in town by ourselves, often we were in our old little cinema at least once a month! In March, it was the first time I got to see my two best friends from home as either being ill, jobs or Uni got in the way, but we were able to meet up twice this month and see two different films! The first film we got to see, we weren’t actually intending to see as we got confused with the release date of Tomb Raider though Red Sparrow was a brilliant alternative.

As all three of us are fans of; Jennifer Lawrence, Spy films, action film and thriller (though admittedly I am timider were thrillers) Red Sparrow was a brilliant alternative. Full of action, mystery, intrigue and an excellent soundtrack, it was safe to say we all really enjoyed it! I’ve actually since purchased a copy of the book which it is based on as I’d love to know about the story and have already read the first couple of chapters.

Tomb Raider, this is the film we always intended to see as soon as we possibly could. All of us grew up with the video games, old and new, but also we loved the Angelina Jolie films when we were younger. With this rejuvenated version of Tomb Raider though I have to admit it beats Angelina Jolie’s films out of the water. Alicia Vikander is the obvious choice to undertake the role of Lara Croft with the film ultimately being an origin story as well as an apparent set up for future films.

I think here on my blog I will certainly be talking more about films and cinema experiences – there have certainly been some interesting ones!

March was a fun month overall, what did you get up to during the month of March?

6 thoughts on “Month of March

    1. Well 5 were just rereads plus they were very short and middle grades which I find I can read quite quick. Thanks for reading x


    1. If I’m honest six of them were rereads, 5 of which were just over 100 pages so it was very quick reads for me. I always reccomend the Spiderwick series it such a fun one to try!


  1. I really want to see both Red Sparrow and Tomb Raider asap! I’m so glad to hear you liked both of them. The first couple reactions I saw from Red Sparrow weren’t the greatest and I was worried it wouldn’t be as good as the trailers but I’m also a fan of Jennifer Lawrence so I’m hoping I’ll love it as much as you did. I recently saw the Angelina Jolie version of Tomb Raider and I was less than impressed (the movie kind of irritated me actually) so I’m glad to hear you thought the new version is exponentially better. I hope you have a fabulous April!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are both fantastic films! I definitely preferred the Alicia Vikander version of Tomb Raider than Angelina Jolie’s, since Vikander’s is very much like the origin story and ties in well with the recent reboot. Thank you! x


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