The Bloggers That Inspire Me.

Snow in March! Not just a little but an avalanche of snow fell in the past week which resulted in complete havoc with travelling, shopping, going to uni or work and basically going outside at all. During the week I spent off Uni due to not being able to commute I wrote an essay which was due, spend many hours with the dogs (Oscar even got taught a new trick), reading and cleaning up the drive, pathways and helping my neighbours to clean theirs as well. However, the thing which the snow caused the most havoc too was the post which means, “I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN MY COPY OF BLOGOSPHERE MAGAZINE!” Since this has happened and I haven’t yet received my dose of inspiration which I’m desperately craving, I thought that I’d write this post about the bloggers which also inspire me.

Grace has perhaps been one of the bloggers which I have followed the longest, way before this blog was even thought of at all. I think the first post which I read of Grace was her ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ post which is just pure brilliance as Grace talks about a subject which is often shied away from in almost every context. If I’m honest before reading Grace’s post I felt ashamed, after all, female masturbation is never actually talked about and in media, it is typically only male masturbation which is seen as normal. While Grace she writes the topic in a witty and honest post which made me realise that as a woman, or any other woman, no woman should feel ashamed of masturbating as it is just as natural as a male masturbation. On Grace’s blog, she talks quite openly about her life, sex, health, books and a whole manner of things. Honestly, if you haven’t read her blog then I would highly recommend it.

A Blogger, Youtuber and published author of ‘Doing It’ Hannah Witton is another individual who inspires me due to her honesty surrounding sex. Like with Grace, I first encountered Hannah’s Youtube when I was at a vulnerable time and didn’t feel comfortable as a woman and with my body. Maybe that was because, at school, sex education was shit, but these two ladies are teaching a more positive outlook on the subject. 

Clem is a blogger who I recently discovered during a Sunday night #BlogosphereChat and I have to say I adore her blog. Clem writes on a wide range of subjects from makeup, fashion, reviews and she also discusses books, these posts I really enjoy. But why Clem inspires me, is because she is at the standard which I inspire to one day be at and every time I come to her blog ultimately inspiration hits and often I begin to think about posts in more detail. I am inspired to be better, to do better, to be more creative in my posts and photographs. 

One of my favourite blogs which I have read in the past couple of months and once again a blog which I inspire to one day be as good as. Loulabellerose is a blog which discusses topics such as beauty, lifestyle, fashion and mental health, which I greatly admire. When I began my blog, I honestly don’t know what it was meant to be but I have started wanting to post a wider range of posts on different topics – something which Loulabellerose has inspired me to do. For me, I worried that it would make my blog appear a mess but it doesn’t and that’s proven by loulabellerose. Each post on her blog is filled with a meaning, sometimes your laughing in agreement and other time you listen and absorb her writing, and often I have to go back and reread again. Afterall, it’s the blogs which make me come back and read them again that inspire me even more.


Which are the bloggers who inspire you?

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