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I’ve started to think more positively, to let go of the bad and negative thoughts which encircle my head on an almost daily basis. Take back the control I once had and enjoy each day like I did before I got sick which is why I decided to write this post, I have a lot to be grateful for.

  • Sunday Mornings. When I’m sitting in the conservatory with Mum, Dad, Toaby, Rambo and Oscar, the only day of the week when we have breakfast together with a couple cups of tea.
  • Days when it’s raining and the fire is on. Then you find that one good book which completely overtakes you that you become consumed and simply finish it in a single go.
  • Movie days with friends. All crowding in the car and driving through the countryside to the cinema with like the best, with food often following or preceding. Occasionally, seeing more than one film on a single day unless we decide to go to the beach instead.
  • Train rides, long or short. When you can simply talk to a stranger and have a few laughs before never seeing them again or simply when you can put in your earphones in and stare at the world passes you. Just those little moments.
  • Sitting in the university library with friends, talking about nothing of importance but simply just chatting and laughing. While every so often a group walk off to Costa for caffeine boosts, while I opt for tea every single time.
  • Cuddles with Toaby. Playtime with Rambo. Early 6am starts with Oscar. Then spending time on the sofa with all three of them sharing cuddles and letting them have a few extra treats, especially when the folks aren’t around.

It’s the little things which I’m grateful for right now.

29 thoughts on “Gratitude.

  1. It’s great that you’ve started to think more positively lately! It does you a lot of good to reflect on what you’re grateful for! Those are great things to reflect on. I love Sunday morning too! Same with spending time in the library with friends. Definitely, something you can’t do as often after you graduate :).

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    1. Thank you, I think spending the time with my friends is something I really need to treasure as once I graduate you have no idea where everyone will end up being! x


  2. All the things you list here are about connections. Connections with people (and pets?) mainly but also connections with the other worlds that books take us to. I love this post, and I know what you mean (I think) when you say they’re the little things, but actually they’re not, they’re the most important things. I’m glad you’re in a better place and thank you for sharing your gratitude list.xx

    Lisa |

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  3. I love posts like this! And I’m with you about trains, when I was at uni I used to take the 40 minute journey into London at least once a week and I have so many train memories of funny encounters with other people and I made most of my life decisions sat on the train home. I always found them so peaceful. Even on the last one back when everyone seems to be drunk or asleep on their briefcase x


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    1. Its so nice to hear about your train memories! Train journeys are sometimes my favourite part of my day, there is something therapeutic about them I think. They are definitely peaceful x


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