Northern YA Literary Festival

March is here! Yet it doesn’t exactly feel like March when there is five foot of snow outside your house and your completely snowed in. But it means I can get organised because there are so many bookish events happening this month and so many books which I want to read before these events. Now in today’s post, I am going to be talking about an event which I am extremely excited for and this is the Northern YA Literary Festival which will be hosted on Saturday 24th March!NYA Lit Fest Logo

Now one of the main reasons which I am most excited to be attending the Northern YA Literary Festival with my fellow #NorthernBookBloggers is simply because we rarely get events of this scale in the North! Secondly, there is an absolutely fantastic line-up of authors and several amazing panels. I’ll leave a link to the festival’s programme here, for me the panel which I am most excited for is the Getting into Publishing Panel, which is featuring Anna Day, Teri Terry and Danny Weston! Alongside the panels, there will be numerous signings throughout the event and some amazing bookish stalls. One of the #NorthernBookBloggers, Rebecca will have a stall for her new candle business Taken Moons – brilliant candles by the way!

Throughout the day I will be attempting to tweet as much as I possibly can, though with a three-hour train ride by home straight after the event I am sure us #NorthernBookBloggers will be writing up about the day quickly enough! Along with being able to attend the event, all of us from the #NorthernBookBloggers have been given the opportunity to host Q&A’s with some of the authors from the event on our blogs!

There are still tickets available so check out the @NYALitFest on Twitter and their Eventbrite page!

Let me know if you are going to this event because I’d love to meet you all! I’m incredibly excited for my first major Book Event and share the experience with you all!

Check out #NorthernBookBloggers Liam’s and Charlotte’s pre-event posts too!


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8 thoughts on “Northern YA Literary Festival

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really excited (apart from three hour of travel there and abck) but it should be a really good day!


    1. I actually don’t mind train ride, I just need to remember to have my battery pack and have it charged so on the way back I can work on my highlights post!


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