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A-Z of Me.

I’ve seen quite a few of these A-Z of Me blog posts recently and I always find them really fun and interesting. Reading to see the words which compose a person, or what a person thinks to relate to themselves, it makes for interesting reading. Which is why I thought it would be really fun to do this myself, actually I thought it would be easy but it turned out to be trickier than what I thought. Anyway, here is my A-Z of me!

A – Arctic Roll, the traditional after Christmas dinner dessert. 

B – Books of course! The portals to many adventures.

C – Cinema Trips, getting in the car with friends and driving up the long windy roads to the local cinema. Sometimes watching multiple films in a single trip!

D – Dogs, my boys, Toaby and Rambo.

E – Eeyore, my favourite from the hundred-acre wood.

F – Family, the most important people who mean the most to me. 

G – Granddad, my partner in crime. 

H – Home. Home is where the heart is and mine is currently with my family, the boys and a roaring fire with a good book.

I – Insane, what I’m mostly known as in the family.

J – Jelly Beans! One of my favourite sweets which I cannot get enough of.

K – Kinder Chocolate, it’s very tasty and normally gone as soon as I get some. Kinder eggs especially too.

L – Lana Del Rey one of my favourite artists. Her Born to Die Album on Vinyl is superb and always gets me through my essay writing.

M – Movie scores, I love how a piece of music can completely change your mood.

N – New Orleans, the place I dream of going most – apart from Disneyland.

O – Owls which are my favourite type of creatures.

P – Pasta, my favourite food and something I cannot get enough of!

Q – Quotes, literary and inspirational, anything which I connect with.

R – Reality TV, simply because I love to binge watch it even though it is meant to be trash.

S – Social Media, I love feeling connected with others who have similar interests to me.

T – Tea, lots and lots of breakfast tea for me. Tea and Toast go especially well together.

U – University, the most unexpected adventure.

V – Velociraptor (okay it’s the only word that came to mind) Dinosaurs are awesome and it’s interesting to see how they changed from what I pictured as a child to what they actually are.

W – Words. Writing, or reading or talking. I always have a lot of words and tend to go the long way around to get my point across in essays. Guilty as charged.

X – X-Men, my introduction to superheroes. I remember when I was little on a Saturday morning watching the latest animated episode. 

Y – Yoga, something which I’m trying to undertake a more active practice. I started my practice last year and have been attempting to be more consistent. 

Z – Zodiacs. I love reading up on my zodiac sign and horoscopes and crystal readings and tarot readings. Basically, I love the whole idea and how it all works, although I don’t always believe in them.


30 thoughts on “A-Z of Me.

    1. I had a friend who lived there and I used to love seeing all her photographs of New Orleans! I just want to be able to go there even for a day!


  1. I loved how much food there was throughout this A-Z, I wholeheartedly approve! Pasta is my all time favourite food as well, you just can’t go wrong with it! My dogs are a massive part of my life as well, I have three Jack Russell terriers at home and they make my day every single day! V for velociraptor did make me giggle haha!

    Abbey x

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    1. I have a Jack Russell and a Miniature Jack Russell too! They are so loveable to have around even if they do bark a lot (well my little one does). Food is such a huge part of my life and I’m finally having a good relationshipp with it so it has to be included. Perhaps I may do an A-Z of Food and Me?


    1. It was a challenge that I wasn’t expecting! I thought it be a nice and easy post to write but it really makes you think!


  2. I love to read as well! Do you have a favorite book or any recent ones that you’ve really liked? I’ve just finished a book and am really looking forward to reading through another, just have to pick one! Movies!! Have you seen The Greatest Showman – if not, I’d definitely recommend you see it! TEAA!!! Tea always makes everything better and the perfect start/end to the day! I can definitely agree that university is an unexpected an interesting adventure! V for velociraptor BAHHA I swear I just have Jurassic Park playing my head now!


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    1. I haven’t seen the Greatest Showman yet but its something I really want to check out! I may have to just wait until it’s release. I certainly have an obsession with tea, I think I properly drink maybe 5-10 cups a day. Jurassic Park is brilliant, if you haven’t read it’s novel then I would recommend it or The Extinction Trails by S.M. Wilson.


  3. Arctic Roll, goodness that brings back memories, hehe. And Velociraptor is a word I know very well, my daughter wants to be a paleontologist when she’s older, dinosaurs have been a feature in our house for years. Fab post, Hannah, I’ve not seen this one but I’d love to do it myself now! X

    Lisa |

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