Learning Christmas

It wasn’t until perhaps four or five years ago that I really experienced Christmas – a nice one with plenty of wonderful memories made. What happened for that to change some of you may ask? Maybe it’s for another time to explain and talk, although now I know that Christmas doesn’t have to involve screaming matches, threats and situations which shouldn’t have occurred. No longer do I have to wake up at 6 to unwrap all presents and help pack the car up. No longer do I have to sit in a room, while Dad was often asleep on the sofa and be faced with someone who wanted a fight. No longer do I have to wait till maybe six or seven o’clock at night to actually get to spend some time with my Mum.

Now my Christmas days are actual day were I spend it like most people I know. I can have a day with my parents, who are very busy and have a lot of responsibility in their lives. It’s a day were they aren’t stressed, none of us are. As I’m writing this Dad is singing Christmas songs while Mum is actually getting a chance to put her feet up. I mean for my first fifteen Christmases that wasn’t something that ever happened. So what is this post all about? Well I guess it’s how we are learning how to have a Christmas and what our traditions are, since the screaming and threats and argument ones have now been discarded. Which is why I thought I’d write a post about my Christmas day in 2017.

The morning starts with it being dark as I’m used to a regular work schedule now. It’s only 7:30am which means Toaby is up on the bed and I get a lovely cuddle before we head off downstairs. Mum is already awake, either she hasn’t been sleeping well again or she’s still fixed to the old Christmas schedule. It’s nice to know we don’t have to rush getting dressed and that Dad can have a good lie in and rest.

After Dad finally emerges from the deepest of sleeps and joins us this is when one of the old traditions occur. Toast, with proper butter and tea. When I was a kid it used to be stockings and only coming down for toast once the Christmas songs begin. Now it’s waiting for Dad to appear and quite often a ‘Carry On’ film – the past two years it’s been Carry On; Don’t lose your head. After the toast we now slowly get though the presents, but more often our attention become focused on Toaby and Rambo. Whom are shredding the wrapping paper to pieces. I still think there is some lying about the house.

Eventually we get ready, well Dad is already but for Mum she changes into comfy clothes while I now just change into a pair of new pj’s which I had just unwrapped. After that Mum heads to the kitchen to begin cooking – me and Dad are certainly banned. Which means Dad often tinkers with whatever he’s gotten in hi man cave while I cuddle up on the sofa with the boys while reading. Today was Auggie and Me by R.J Palcio which I adored. Although soon enough Dad appears which means we will watch whatever Scooby-Doo movie which I have received that year. I always got a Scooby-Doo movie, but now since Christmas is at home it’s something me and Dad get to watch till the dinner is served. 

After dinner, well there isn’t a lot to it now. Other than watching films on TV, Oliver and the Highway Rat are this years TV choices. Or the television specials which are Doctor Who and Call the Midwife for me while for Mum she picks Strictly and Call the Midwife and Dad picks all three! I choose to snuggle up and read as well and then have a bath. Before heading back downstairs and normally we start an old box set which Dad will have received. Again a tradition we’ve always had as normally we were back by 7pm and were able to watch an episode or two. Previous years it’s been Dad’s Army, Steptoe and Son, Only Fools and Horses but this year it’s going to be On the Buses or The Good Life. All the while we snack on the remains of Christmas Dinner and have ice cream before it’s off to bed.

Slowly Christmas is starting to become a holiday which I love, after so many years of hating it completely. I think it’s the same for Mum and Dad, we’re learning how our family has Christmas with our lovely boys too! Although I don’t think they mind where we are as long as they get fed! Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you had a good one!

How do you spend Christmas? Are there any Christmas traditions which you celebrate?

3 thoughts on “Learning Christmas

  1. I love Scooby Doo movies! That’s such a cool tradition that you get one every year and watch it before dinner. My family always watches A Charlie Brown Christmas while we eat cherry pie after dinner 🙂 There’s just something about animated movies and Christmas!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

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