What Star Ratings Mean for Me.

Star Ratings are quite a controversial topic when reviewing books, because they mean different things to different people. For some people anything 2 stars or more is considered positive but for others if a book isn’t rated 4 or 5 stars then it is considered to be more of a negative review. Which is why I thought that it be good for me to create this post for reference on what Star Ratings mean for me, just for reference of any book reviews which I write on this blog.

Waning, here is full star ratings however occasionally if I am unsure on a good I will incorporate half and quarter stars into the overall rating of my reviews.

5 Stars ~ Books which I have become obsessed with and completely in love with the world, characters, writing and author.

4 Stars ~ Books which I loved and thoroughly enjoyed.

3 Stars ~ A book which I did really enjoy.

2 Stars ~ Book was good, just not my cup of tea.

1 Stars ~ Either didn’t like it, didn’t enjoy it or have no opinion at all on the book.

There are my ratings, do you rate books in a similar fashion and do your star ratings mean the same as mine?



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3 thoughts on “What Star Ratings Mean for Me.

  1. Mine is pretty different! I give stars like this: 5⭐️= I absolutely loved it
    4⭐️= I really enjoyed it and would read it again
    3⭐️= It was fun to read one time 2⭐️= Disappointment
    1⭐️= Probably didn’t even bother finishing it or I just really disliked it and forced myself to finish


  2. Mine are almost the same:
    5 stars-I absolutely loved it
    4 stars-I really enjoyed it, just not as obsessed as I was with a 5 star.
    3 stars-I liked it, but there were certain things I would change, it didn’t reach it’s full potential.
    2 stars-It was a disappointment.
    1 star-I hated it/didn’t finish it (I’ve never actually used this one!)


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