Autumnal Book Haul

Oops…. I may have bought perhaps a few too many books this month… this is slightly awkward since I wasn’t meant to be buying any at all! I wasn’t exactly on a book buying ban but I had aimed to buy less than 10 books – 5 preferably. Nope instead over the month I purchased over TEN books, as presented wonderfully by Little Rambo.


I have to admit however that these weren’t all the books which I’ve purchased over the past couple months, there was more but I either can’t remember which ones (oops again) or have since lent them out. Many of these books which I have purchased was in the company of the amazing #NortherBookBloggers, and occasionally the odd bookseller has pushed me in a certain direction. The example being The Satellite which was suggested for me to read since I do enjoy the odd Sci-Fi.


Let me know if you have read any of these and your thoughts on them. Thank you for reading x


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