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My Glasses, My Mask.

I’m a rambler, I always have been, properly always will be. I don’t just ramble on about nothing at all in conversation but whenever I’m writing too. Often in my Uni essays when I’m going back through and proof reading, that’s when I sometimes notice the most that I am a complete rambler. Perhaps I should have named this blog ‘Little Rambles’ or even this blog post rambles since I haven’t even gotten on topic yet.

I wear glasses, I used to wear this really thin framed type with little chains on sides. Really chic, right? Since then I’ve moved onto a wider frame in this shade dark purple-black frames. I got them when I was around 13, I only had to use them when I needed to see the board from the back of the classroom. I loved staying there, at the back, it was like I was hidden away which I preferred, it also meant an escape route was there too. Anyway, I always wanted glasses, way before I needed them and when I found I needed them, I was quite excited. I think it’s because I didn’t I looked right, and that glasses would make me look more like me. I suppose they did because I love them still and don’t want to wear contacts at all. They suit me, I think.

For me, my glasses not only allow me to see the world which is blurry and fuzzy but they make me feel comfortable. Maybe at first it made feel like Harry from Harry Potter and that meant I had some connection to him or perhaps to Dumbledore or Minerva McGonagall. Properly Minerva. Or even like Luna, when she wore the glasses from the Quibbler which meant that she was able to see the Wrackspurts.

Though maybe I used them as a mask, a way to hide part of myself which I had learn wasn’t acceptable. It wasn’t okay for me to me, so to distract my bullies from myself, I gave them an easy option. Four eyes, but they didn’t know the thing they criticised me for, was actually something I loved because the mask meant that my true self, me was a little more protected. My glasses weren’t just a mask, but a mask of protection to the true me.

Although the bullying stopped so long ago now, I will always remember. I’m thankful I needed glasses because I was protected, if only a little. Instead of hating them because of it, I came to embrace them and even now I feel so much more comfortable wearing them and think I always will. Though soon I think I will try a new style of frame and retire the one I’ve worn for the past three or four years.

I’m thankful I needed glasses, I think they were a piece of me which I always needed but also they allowed my bullies to stop tearing myself apart with their dislike of me and give them an easy target to pick on. Because of that, I now love them and will always will.

28 thoughts on “My Glasses, My Mask.

    1. Thank you Amy so much! I am completely the same, I’m absolutely blind now without my glasses but that’s ok, I can still read without them sometimes. Thank you so much, it means a lot xx

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  1. I always have such a hard time finding glasses that suit me I’m not surprised you’ve stuck with them for so long! I’m so sorry you were bullied but glad you loved them regardless!
    Tara x

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    1. Thank you, I wasn’t bullied because of my glasses but they helped distract the bullies from truly getting to me. Though I may invest in a set of new frames soon enough! x


  2. I remember getting my glasses and I hated them when I first got them! I had some super thin frames blue ones that I thought were so cool and then I realised that they didn’t suit me and I hated them! About 6 years ago I got some thicker framed ones and they have been amazing! I’m not embarrassed to wear them anymore (and it also means I can see better now too!).
    Sorry to hear about your bullying, but glad your glasses helped!

    Ciara | http://www.teatimewithciara.com

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    1. Seeing better always helps I think. But I’m definitely thinking of maybe investing in a new set of frames. Thank you for reading x


  3. I completely get this! I used to hate them, then they became a bit “cooler” when Harry Potter came out so I didn’t get teased as much (I was the only person in my class with them) and now I really enjoy wearing them, though I want to get some nicer frames, i’m not totally sold on the ones I have!
    Hels xx

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    1. I used to be sold on the ones I have but I think once you’ve worn the same frames for more than three years then maybe its a time for a change? xx


  4. I started to wear glasses 2 years ago and OMG, I was not getting used to it. I am still not and quite often forget to wear them even though I can’t see anything. I got funky glasses when I renewed them ahah xx corinne

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  5. It’s so sad to hear that people bullied you 😦 I don’t need to wear glasses myself, although I wouldn’t be surprised if I did in the future.. I’m not sure what kind of frame would suit me tho! That’s always been a worry of mine if I was to get glasses… If I could find some that actually suited me! Haha


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    1. I think Bullying is something which so many go through and schools just try cover it up so they look good on the outside. I say if you have glasses try on as many frames as you want till you find a pair that you feel comfortable in! x

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  6. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 4 years old. My mum was so disappointed when she found out I had to wear them. I hated them in school. I thought they made me look geeky and unattractive. I started wearing contacts when I was 16, I entered a competition for laser but found out my eyes aren’t eligible which sounds like story of my life – ha. Today, I love my glasses, I think I suit them and they have been with me all my life. I need them as I’m -6.50. I don’t think they’re attractive & stylish & I wouldn’t change my eyes as they’ve seen incredible things. http://www.thewongblog.com

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    1. I’m glad you came to accept your glasses and love them! I try to ignore what others think and am exactly the same, I wouldn’t change my eyes either for the world x


  7. I always wanted glasses when I was young. Found out I should wear them at 18 only to discover there isn’t a single style that looks good on me. Thankfully my prescription is tiny so I have to wear them for extreme distance (so hardly ever). Not sure if I’ll ever get used to wearing them. It’s great that you love yours!


  8. This is such an amazing post! I really love the way you write! So funny, when I was little I really wanted glasses because my whole family had them, but now I have them I wish I had 20/20 vision again haha! It’s great that you love yours, I think they can actually really tell you a lot about their person, from their personality to sense of style! x


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    1. I’ve never seen glasses as a negative but I know so many people who do! It’s so strange because it just helps people see, so why would they be viewed negatively?


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