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A Greys Anatomy Tag!

Today I am doing the Greys Anatomy Tag which I was tagged by Han from Queens of Geekdom and I am really excited to do this tag because I love Greys Anatomy, I’m currently halfway through season 12 now on my 2nd re-watch! So thank you Han for tagging me and lets get on with the tag!

greys-anatomyHow did you discover Greys Anatomy?

It was shortly after I came back home from finishing my 1st year at Uni and while I was redecorating my room. I just saw so many people tweeting about it, I thought I might as well try watching it. Soon after I completed season 1 and ordered the first 12 season box-set online for a bargain price of £30! Since then I’m only my second rewatch of the whole series!

Who is your twisted sister/person?

My Best Friend of course Jen.


Series: This is a tough one for me! Afterall there are now like 14 seasons to choose from! But I suppose I will have to say the first series because without that then there wouldn’t be any Greys Anatomy!

Character: Another hard one since there is properly over 100 characters to choose from! I guess if we go off the original 5 interns then it would be between Cristina and Alex as I just love their characters and character development throughout the entire series. But I do adore Addison! Can’t wait to start watching Private Practice to see more of her character!

Episode: Season 1, Episode 1. A Hard Days Night. Its the beginning of the show and I adore it, I love seeing how the interns are all coping with a gruelling 48 hour shift.

Guest Star: I love William Daniels as Dr Craig Wilson! His stint between the end of season eight and initial start of season nine is amazing! I feel the chemistry between him and Cristina was fabulous and honestly I wish he hadn’t passed away but rather Cristina decided to bring back with her to Grey Sloan, they would have been like the cardio dynamic duo!

Death: Lexie Grey in the Season Eight finale. Honestly that broke me so much! She finally getting her carer to where she wanted it and admitted to Mark she still loved him and wanted to be with him! It was just unfair!

Wedding: Meredith and Derek’s post-it wedding. I just loved how simple and meaningful the whole thing was and how they didn’t need the legal piece of paper to be married to them. It was just brilliant to me!

Series Finale: The season six, shooting episodes finale. Honestly it was so unexpected to me and incredibly dramatic. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and could not take my eyes off the screen, even my Mum who doesn’t watch Greys religiously was on the edge of her seat too.

Storyline: The season ten episode ARC were their are three children whom have heart problems in the same family. I just see this storyline as incredibly important to Cristina’s development as a doctor and its interesting to see how emotionally involved she is in the case.

Mer Love Interest: I know I shouldn’t say it but Riggs? I really enjoy seeing them together and he’s different to Derek. I found that Derek had a God complex which meant he belittled Meredith which I didn’t like.

Couple: Sloan and Lexie definitely are my OTP and I am gutted they didn’t get their happy ending! It makes me mad even now, but if it’s my favourite couple currently on the show is Jo and Alex, I think they are really cute and want them to get their happy ending.

Own Crush: Alex.

Actor Bow Out: The same as everyone elses it has to be Cristina Yang. For a character so big she deserved a good exit which she got and it also was one which left room for her to come back if she wanted, even for a guest appearance.

Meredith Danger: The Patient Attack in Season Twelve, it was such a hard hitting episode and for once not a danger which Meredith put herself in. It was hard watching at times but I feel the show portrayed this in a really sensitive and well done way.

Surgery: The Domino Surgery, I found it a really interesting concept, despite the drama surrounding it.


Series: For me its a toss up between 5, 9 and 11? I feel like they were the ones which were most disjointed and just for me didn’t seem to flow as well as the others.

Character: Izzie or Derek, I liked them to begin with but the more I got to know them and understand their characters the more I began to dislike them.

Episode: The Musical Episode, I find it so awkward and pointless and cringe. I just didn’t enjoy it so skipped it.

Guest Star: Hilarie Burton. I love Hilarie Burton as an actress, I adored her character on One Tree Hill but her character on Greys was just a bitch.  don’t understand when people go after married people, no point at all. I’m not saying she is the reason Arizona and Callie split cause hey weren’t in a good place anyway but she wasn’t really needed.

Death: Heather Brooks in Season 10. I got really angry about this character being killed off and especially the circumstances around her death. I ended up really disliking Ross and then got annoyed cause he ended up leaving anyway with Cristina. He like a child and Brooks deserved to become a surgical super hero!

Wedding: Cristina and Owen. Owen is a character I don’t like because he seems to think he can make women into what he wants and he knew Cristina didn’t want kids but still pushed and pushed her.

Series Finale: Season 2 with Izzie cutting Denny’s LVAD wires. Incredibly irresponsible and should have been the end of her character on the show.

Storyline: Izzie and George getting together and causing his marriage break up. So unfair on Callie and incredibly selfish of Izzie since she continues to push and push George to end his marriage and be with her. Then it doesn’t even work between them anyway!

Couple: Izzie and Alex. Alex deserved better and I don’t like Izzie messing him around.

Actor Bow Out: Addison leaving, I feel her leaving Greys should have been bigger and a better storyline too it! Or would’ve been better if she just stayed in Greys forever, she would have beat Bailey for Chief by now for sure!

Mer Danger: The Shooting when Meredith puts not only herself but everyone else in the OR in danger. It was stupid of her and incredible selfish, by doing that it could have resulted in Owen’s death and Derrick or even Cristina!

Surgery: When Izzie operates on a deer, yes I get the point in that it meant to show her caring nature but it was pointless! Who is going to pay for the medicine she used and wasted! Some of that medicine is expensive and could have been used on someone who really needed it and she wonder why she didn’t have the respect of her interns?

That was my answers to the tag! Thank you Han for tagging me again!

I am going to tag Charlotte and Steph for this tag!

26 thoughts on “A Greys Anatomy Tag!

    1. I only started in July and had caught up by the middle of August definitely a series you should check out! I’m about to start Private Practice too! x


    1. I definitely need to watch Private Practice will be starting it this weekend I think! You should definitely do this tag when you get the time! Be fun to see your answers! x


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