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October Reading Wrap Up 2017

October was a beautiful month, seeing the trees begin their transformations from vivid greens into fiery shades of oranges and reds. But it’s not only that, the days are shorter and I find myself spending more time getting off trains in the darkness than in the light after long days of Uni. I don’t mind though, it means when I get home the pj’s are on and I snuggle up the Toaby under a blanket with a good book and a cup of tea. This month has been a good month for me, I worked on university essays and managed to get them done, dusted and handed in at least a week before they are due! It’s an achievement for me since I rarely managed it during my first year so it appears that I learnt my lesson from rushing essays mere days before they are due. I also got to see my best friend for the first time since she embarked on her own adventure of University, which meant a lot of food was consumed, Drag Race was binged and the beginning of Gossip Girl, a show we haven’t watched it years began again.

However, this post isn’t about my life just about my reading life! I surprisingly managed to read 11 books, I have no idea how I managed that but somehow it happened. Another surprising factor was that some of these were actually university reading which again last year I wasn’t that good at. Anyway here are the books which I read this month!

As always since I read a quite a few books I’m going to highlight my favourites for the month! I have written some reviews which I will link and let me know if you’d like a review for any of these.

  • Hope By Rhian Ivory

Hope is such a unique YA novel which confronts head on women’s issues such as periods which is a concept which is not often featured in YA, despite it being something which happens in life! This was apart of Zoe’s NoSaferPlace Book club and I am so glad because I loved this book and have a review up here.

  • Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase By Johnathan Stroud

I am so happy I picked up this Middle Grade, spooky paranormal detective series after so long! Especially since I’ve had so many of my friends over the years recommend it to me but I finally begun the series! Once I’m done there will certainly be a review because I am loving it!

  • Catalyst: A Rogue One By James Luceno

This has been a book I’ve been meaning to read for so long, set during the Clone Wars and after, it focuses on the journey of Galen, Lyra and Jyn before they go into hiding and we meet them in the film. I listened to this on audio-book as it’s my firm belief Star Wars audiobooks are the best, they include the music and sounds effects it’s a brilliant experience. Learning about their journey and experiences with Saw and Orson Krennick brings up so much character development especially for Lyra whom we do not really get to know in the film. If you loved Rogue One then you should definitely pick this book up!

  • One of Us is Lying By Karen M.Magnus

I read this as it was the book of the month for the #NorthernBookBlogger Book club and I cannot wait to discuss my thoughts with all the girls. Although I didn’t love it, I did still very much enjoy it even if I did guess the murderer but I was certainly surprised by some of the details surrounding it.

So that is my October reading wrap up! Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and your thoughts cause I’d love to discuss them with you all!

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