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For the Love of Disney Villains.

Disney Villains, I suppose you either love them or completely hate them? I saw Amy from GoldenGirlBooks write recently on her favourite Disney Villains and it inspired me to write my own post in response. SO thank you Amy for being the inspiration for this post!

I think as a child, I was definitely a weird one. Watching Disney films I often rooted for the bad guys to win. I don’t know what attracted me to this idea, maybe I just thought once in a while they deserved to win, or maybe I just found the ‘heroes’ too annoying.  It’s properly why I love the TV Show ‘Once Upon A Time’, the earlier seasons at least, because it showed that bad guys weren’t necessarily completely bad but neither where the good guys necessarily good.  The idea of the grey area really intrigues me and I think it showed a lot as a child in my opinions of Disney Villains, so I thought I talk about which villains were huge for me as a child.

  • Rattigan: The villain of Basil the Great Mouse Detective (A really really underrated Disney movie) I think still to this very day is one of the most terrifying villains of all time. Even now and I’m almost 20, Rattigan still scares me despite him being a cartoon character too. Admittedly his song is awesome but he is ruthless and the final battle, I suppose you could call it that, and he reverts truly to his Rat form with the clocks ticking as a child was terrifying. He certainly was one of the villains which I never rooted for.
  • Doctor Facilier: Another villain which I didn’t exactly root for but do adore in some strange and twisted way. I love how this villain involves voodoo in order to carry out his plan, his shadow is the sidekick and in itself a villain too. Also all of his numbers are amazing and so jazzy!
  • Hades: Hades is so sassy, and relate-able. I think his phrases throughout the film are legendary and so relative to real life and the sass once again which he has. Honestly don’t think I would’ve minded if he beat Hercules but I’m not bothered that he was either? Not exactly he died really, after all can the god of the dead die himself?
  • Jafar: I wanted Jafar to win, still do. Aladdin was annoying and to be honest the only reason I enjoy watching the film is because of the Genie and Iago, who are two fab characters. But even though Jafar was the villain and properly would be a really corrupt leader, I still wish he beat Aladdin.
  • Cruella De Vil: I didn’t want Cruella to win, but I do adore her character and I don’t even know why or have a reason for it. But as a villain I love her, she is completely insane but maybe it’s Glenn Close’s portrayal as her which made me love the character. I don’t know, I just know she is 100% crazy bad guy.

I hope you liked this post and let me know if we have any similar opinion about certain villains and who are the villains which you love or wished won too.

32 thoughts on “For the Love of Disney Villains.

  1. Great to read about your favourites! I’ve not seen the film yet, but I love book Cruella de Vil, and I completely ADORED her at DLP once I got over my fear 😂
    I really want to watch Hercules now too; especially since both you and Maz Evans seem to adore Hades!
    Amy xx

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  2. I have always loved vilains more than the good ones. Vilains are most interesting, they have back story even though we rarely know why they actually become vilains. Ursula became a vilain coz she challenged Triton. Talk about tolerance. I have always thought disney was too black and white but it is slowly changing so it is good xx corinne

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    1. Completely agree with you. Disney was too black and white but I love it that they are starting to look at it in a different way. I do believe OUAT kinda helped it along though. x


    1. I liked Yzma and completely agree that Kuzco was so annoyed, I only really liked Kronk in the whole film which is properly why I haven’t watched it much. Hades is a villain which I adore. Would love a film all about him! x


  3. I love Hercules so much! And I agree Hades’ sass makes him far more likeable than Zeus for sure. I feel a good villain is something you appreciate when you look back on a film you loved as a child, at the time you’re too busy hating them or being scared of them! This is a great post, I’ve never really thought loads about Disney villains before!

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    1. I definitely agree, I think I appreciate Hades so much now because of how you can relate to him and what he says in a way but he’s also so funny! I feel like the villains are so under appriciated when sometimes they are just the best characters!

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  4. Love a good Disney villain! They should so have their own film where they win! Haha!! Which ome would come out on top anyway do you think?? I hate Scar though he doesn’t deserve a second chance! 😞😒🐆🐆🐆
    Jafar is pretty epic tho! Xoxo

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    1. I do wish they won occassionally, but could you still class them as a villain if they won? I think Jafar or Hades would have been interesting to come out on top! x


  5. I always loved villans as a kid. Especially those with witty and smart ideas/plans. It was always such a bummer when a hero came and defeated them, just because…..
    I think that villian characters are usually more developed than hero characters, because they need more of an elaborated story as to why and how they’re evil, while hero just has to be a hero… (I’m sorry for a bit of a rant)


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