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Hope By Rhian Ivory Book Review

22532357_776709719199260_1831919587_oHope By Rhian Ivory Book Review

  • Format: UK Paperback, 284 pages.
  • Publisher: Firefly
  • Release Date: 8th September 2017
  • Links: Waterstones, Goodreads.
  • Rating: 4 Stars.


The summer between school and sixth-form. When Hope doesn’t get into drama college, and her friends do, all her plans fall apart. She’s struggling with anger, grief for her father and a sense that her own body is against her. She meets Riley on the ferry and his texts give her someone to talk to. But this isn’t a story about a boy fixing everything. It’s about trying new things and having the courage to ask for help.

I picked up Hope as part of the No Safer Place Book Club and I’m so glad that Elizabeth Corr picked this to be apart of Zoe’s book club because otherwise I’m not entirely sure whether I would have picked this up. I picked up this book during one of my desk shifts at work and honestly I am really happy because I fell into this book so easily as the writing is stunning.

Hope’s story is completely honest and brilliant because of that, I feels like an actual teen book with teen issues and not issues which are dramatised for entertainment and plot. Hope follows a girl called Hope (surprisingly) as she is rejected from her dream drama college and thrown into a world were she doesn’t know what she wants to do. All the while she’s still coping with her father’s unexpected death, menstrual cycles, friendships and possible romantic relations all while trying to keep the peace at home. This book I related so much because after I lost someone in the family it throw your world upside down and you have to learn a new way of dealing with life.

I have read teen for years, I’m 19 and I properly picked up my first teen book when I was 11 and honestly I rarely remember any of them, although most have female protagonists, which mentions PERIODS!!!! Which I am so thankful that Rhian Ivory decided to include in her books because we don’t talk about periods enough in teen fiction and I think that is a huge problem it’s such a normal thing. I so many people whose period aren’t normal and they just thought they weren’t coping like Hope in the book but really wasn’t them. So thank you Rhian Ivory for tackling an issue (not really an issue) that many authors of YA fiction often confront.

I found Hope to be such a quick and easy read, Hope as a character complex but she feels like a real physical person. Along with her relationship with her mother which I find done brilliantly as they are both trying to deal with their grief while searching to reconnect with one another. Now Hope’s friends are overly introduced in the book so we only get to meet Callie and honestly I loved how their friendship was shown because not all best friend relationship are perfect and people do get upset with one another but its how they came together that’s what made me love it. Rilley we only really seen him through messages really and quite honestly I loved that he wasn’t a main focus of the novel like I thought he would, I though that this book would just a typical girls life isn’t going to plan and boy turns and everything is perfect. Now Rilley was a great character to have and I loved that although romance was hinted that it wasn’t a huge factor in the book. Finally I like to mention Hope’s granddad because quite honestly I adored him and her relationship with her granddad since I have a great relationship with mine too.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up or check out Hope by Rhian Ivory then I definitely suggest you do because it is a brilliant novel!

7 thoughts on “Hope By Rhian Ivory Book Review

    1. I am exactly the same, If Zoe hadn’t put it on her book club then I doubt I’d ever have looked at it at all! I hope you enjoy it when you get around to reading it! x

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