Trigger Warning: This is a piece of personal writing, a poem about my personal life and relationship with certain family members. I’d like to warn you all before reading that there will be extremely strong language.

Bastard! Bitch! Brat!

Names that I’d been awarded.

Names affectionately given –

By my own blood.

Bastard that I saw the truth,

Bitch cause I wasn’t good enough,

Brat cause I didn’t want to be forgotten.



You should be dead,

Not the beloved Uncle put to rest.

Sssh you bastard child,

Your feelings meant nothing.

Distrusted, Unwanted, Bastard Child.

Unmentioned, distrusted, unwanted.


Hospitals day in, day out,

Dutifully waited beside your bedside.

Yet affectionately known only as the bastard grandchild.

Shut out when not needed,

A bastard child should not know,

Untrusted – outcast.


No family but those who gave me life.

For the rest,

Only the bastard child…

I am.


26 thoughts on “Unwanted.

    1. It’s ok. I think this poem for me was definitely more about closure. It’s ok though cause I do have my parents and Granddad and they’re the only family I really need ❤


  1. I just want to give you a hug after reading this. From personal experience, hearing such negative things being said really made me depreciate myself a lot. One thing I would definitely advise doing is to spend a lot time outside i.e. cafe, library, walking to clear your mind – anything that helps clear your mind and relax, definitely sandwich that in your schedule! I hope you’re doing okay now, if you ever need someone to talk to for positive vibes, you can definitely message me on twitter 🙂


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    1. Thank you so much! This means a lot, I think I’m lucky cause at home its great with my parents and Granddad, just the rest of the family and my Grandmother are like this with me. But really it more about closure now since I’ve begun to estrange myself from them.


  2. Thank you Jenny! I think for this it was more about closure, especially since me and Grandmother are now estranged, and accepting what’s going on with my family. But I’m lucky that I have my parents and Granddad so thats good, doesn’t matter with the rest of the family.


  3. This is such a moving poem. I’m sorry for every nasty things that you had to go through. Just know that you still get to create your own loving family and one day, you’ll find the happiness that you deserved! *hugs* x Ain

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    1. Thank you so much! Your right I still have my mum and dad and my granddad and I’m lucky to have them. This poem was definitely about closure and realising that I don’t need to try anymore with my Grandmother or other family members Thank you x

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    1. Thank you, for me this peom is about closure and knowing what my family think, but I’m grateful cause I have my parents and my Granddad and friends so thats good! x


    1. Thank you so much, I definitely have done now. I am grateful to have my parents and Granddad and I’m lucky cause some people have the same as me but have no one at all. Thank you for reading x

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