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Confessions of a TV Binger

Hello, my name is Hannah and I am a TV Binger. It’s tragic yet true, I Netflix and Chill without the ‘Chill’, I buy copious amounts of box sets after watching only the first few episodes and I sit solidly in a single position for hours until I’m forced to change a disc or when Netflix asks me if I’m alright (if I’m still watching). As I said it’s tragic but true, as a TV Binger I adore falling into another world and sinking into another character’s life and escaping my own world if only for an hour or so.

Now I’d like to tell you all about the TV Binges that I have been on quite frequently and some of my favourite binges too.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (6 Seasons and a movie)

Over two years ago now I was first experiencing symptoms of my TMJ, which is chronic pain of the jaw and as a result a 24 hour binge for at least two weeks. I only just rediscovered my love of the Star Wars films and discovered the animated film and TV show (I was snobby before and didn’t believe it to be true to the franchise, I was wrong) and what a glorious binge. I only was sleeping an hour or two a night and I adored the series so much, it reignited my passion for Star Wars and allowed me to meet characters that before I would never been able to encounter. An example Ahsoka Tano, grey jedi and defender of the galaxy.

  • Charmed (8 Seasons)

You may of heard this classic witchy series from the late 90s or perhaps you’d seen the odd episode on E4 on a morning or evening and this is was how I discovered the series. I was always fascinated with all things Witchcraft and when I began to watch this series I just got sunk in although I wasn’t able to watch episodes in chronological order. Which meant I was extremely happy to be given the complete box set a few Christmas’ ago from my parents and as a result able to binge from start to finish!

  • Gilmore Girls (7 Seasons and 1 Season revival) 

Before heading off to University last year myself and my best friend discovered a new series on Netflix known as ‘Gilmore Girls’. Now each summer we always seem to find a TV series to binge together (Vampire Diaries to How I met your mother to Friends) and last Summer was no different as we were thrown into the world of Star Hollow and it’s occupants lives. I remember us sitting on the floor watching the laptop on her bed and it raining and then the deer hit Rory’s car and I had to go home but for the rest of the summer was all about Gilmore. When it came to the revival on Netflix Jen actually came to York for a few days and we binged watched the whole season in a single sitting eating our leftover Chinese food.

  • The Crown (1 Season with 2 coming soon)

The Crown for me was my first proper binge at Uni, I remember waking early before my lecture that morning since I’d seen the trailer for the series so many times that I was intrigued. By the end of the day I was rewatching the first episode for the second time as I had finished the series and all I wanted was more. In fact the 2nd season is due to be released in a few months and I am determined to ensure that my assignments are complete or near completion to allow me a day to sit in bed and simply binge once again.

  • Grey’s Anatomy (14 Seasons)

One of my most recent binges was shortly before I began this blog in fact. After a series of unfortunate events (no pun intended) I was unable to leave the house for a while and as a result I order the complete box set and binged. Oh it was a beautiful binge and I can’t wait to be able to start watching the 14th season of Greys and properly binge that too!

  • RuPaul’s Drag Race (9 Seasons and 2 All Star Seasons)

Me and my mother actually binged watched 8 seasons of Drag Race on Netflix during the end of the summer as a way of being able to switch off to the stresses of life. I rooted for Sharon, Bianca and Sasha the most, while Mother championed the under dogs of Jinkx, Shangela, Pandora Boxx, Alexia Mateo, and especially Latrice Royale. We haven’t yet begun a binge on All Stars but soon we will be that is without a doubt!

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my own TV binges and the stories behind them. Let me know if there are any series here which you yourself binged or any not on here which you binged. I can’t wait to hear what your TV binges.

40 thoughts on “Confessions of a TV Binger

    1. I was the same! I haven’t started Private Practice yet but I do own the first four seasons so I definitely will be watching as Amelia and Addison are my faves!


  1. Of your list, I have just watched Gilmore Girls. I am binge watching BBC’s The Musketeers just now and I often start Gossip Girl over again! xx corinne

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    1. Yes you do! The Crown is just so addictive and you find something new in it every single time you watch it and the soundtrack is amazing! Oh PLL was so good! I kinda did a binge very so often of it and just binged the last season and it brilliant! x


  2. Oh my god, I binge watched Ru Paul so much! I think I watched like, three series in about four days.. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I loved Latrice Royale, he’s still one of my favourite Queens! I’ve been binge watching Suits recently, and Big Bang is always a go to for me! 🙊

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    1. Ru is just amazing! I completely understand I’m sure I binged quite a few seasons in a couple of days. Latrice Royale is golden! Big Bang I’m currently binging the latest season on Netflix and it is so worth it! x


  3. Gilmore Girls and Charmed were *always* on on some channel – along with Xena and all those “Without a Trace” shows, and I still love all of them. Totally same on The Crown, by the way – it’s just so binge-able!

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  4. I would love to tell you about my own binge faves but I barely watch television these days 😦 Gardeners World on Fridays and Strictly on Saturdays is about it, unless you count all the DVDs I watch with my seven year old, haha! Enjoyed your post though! X

    Lisa |

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  5. Oooh I’ve been wanting to watch Charmed for ages but just couldn’t find it anywhere to watch it… I love all things witchcraft, so I might have a look around to see if they have any secondhand DVDs just in case!

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    1. Charmed is definitely on Netflix but the Boxset should be cheap enough to find online! Its a brilliant series worth watching! x


  6. Omggggg the crown was amazing! I did exactly the same, went back and watched it again! Also gilmore girls! I have one season left (I had to take a break and binge something else there was just too much haha!) but I love it all the same! My fave show that I’ve binge watched so far is ‘The Walking Dead’ which is amazingggg! x

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    1. I can’t wait for the second season of the Crown to be released! Like less than two months ago and I will completely binge it! I want to watch The Walking Dead but I am way to scared to! x


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