Reasons Why I Adore Minerva McGonagall

It’s October 4th which means it is one of my favourite literary characters, of all time, birthday! In case you didn’t know October 4th is the birthday of Minerva McGonagall who is a character I have loved since I first encountered her as a child so I thought that in honour of her 82nd Birthday then I would dedicate a post to reasons why I adore this character.minerva

  • Her unbelievable loyalty. Minerva is fiercely loyal to her school, pupils and beliefs especially in her belief in Dumbledore.
  • Her determined nature. I mean the woman spent the whole day as a cat sitting on a wall when she could have joined the wizarding world in celebrating the fact that Voldemort was gone.
  • Her strong beliefs. Minerva sticks by her beliefs throughout the series, from refusing to take on her husband’s pureblood name to following through with Dumbledores order and doing what she believes is right.
  • Motherly nature. Although initially she is seen to be strict and stern as a Professor not to be messed with as the series continues you can see that she has that soft spot for all her students.
  • Finally her wit and humour making her a stand out character for me. Once again highlighting that she is Minerva ‘McBadass’ McGonagall.

Hope you enjoyed this little post and let me know the reasons you like Minerva McGonagall on her birthday!


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