September Reading Wrap Up 2017!

September was a month for me which went by super fast, a bit to fast for my liking. During this month I worked quite a bit, said goodbye to my best friend while she headed off to Uni, met some fabulous bloggers for the first time for book club and I began my 2nd year at University – with a dreaded commute. Overall I enjoyed the month except from getting ill but in that month I was able to collect many books along with reading quite a few to on my commute and at work occasionally to! I managed to read in total of 9 books, some of which were actually for Uni too which is always a good start and some in audio book format while on my daily commute!

Since I read so many books I will be talking especially about my favourites of the month and including links to any reviews which I have done.

  • Pax by Sara Pennypacker

Pax was an emotional one for me, it being primarily about a boy and his relationship with his fox while living in a war filled world. I am a sucker for books which involve animals and their relationships with humans and properly always have been which is why this story resonated in me so much. If you seen the film Homeward Bound, the one were the two dogs and a cat attempt to find their way home then you can see similarities with this book as Pax and Peter attempt to reunite with one another. If you like to here my thoughts then I will include the link to my review here.

  • Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher

Now if you know me, or even if you don’t, then you properly guess that I have a huge passion (obsession) with Star Wars and all things to do with Star Wars including the actress Carrie Fisher. Carrie was a celebrity which I adored and always admired ever since I was little. Initially as Princess Leia a strong female figure which showed me the princess can quite often save herself but as I grew up I admired the strong, admirable, honest woman who played her. Carrie was an advocate for mental health and just hearing her experience in her book Wishful Drinking which I listened to on audio book only increased my love for her. Honest, funny, and quite honestly bonkers I adored this book especially as it was narrated by Carrie herself and look forward to listening her second autobiographical novel Shockaholic.

  • George by Alex Gino

Finally a book which I have been meaning to read ever since it was published, George tells the tale of a young transgender girl and her journey to telling her family and friends that she is not the boy which they believe her to be. George for me was such a beautifully written novel which I believe was written for children in order to enable them to understand what being transgender is. This book was a super quick read (I read it during my shift at work) and quite honestly I think it is such a valuable piece of literature which should be read by many as it would enable people to have a better understanding of what transgender people go though and at times experience. A story which literally brought me to tears I would highly recommend and push for everyone to pick up this book and there certainly be a review to come.

Let me know what you’ve been reading this month and if you’ve read any of my favourites of this month too! x


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