Bookish Would You Rather?

I haven’t been tagged personally but I’ve seen this tag done numerous times on so many blogs that I really wanted to have a go. Just thought that it could be a little fun for today’s blog after a long long long long day of work.

1) Spend the day with your favourite author or favourite character?

I don’t know! Properly my favourite character which is Luna Lovegood. I think we would have a mad but extraordinary good day together.

2) Would you rather be Katniss Everdeen or Tris Prior?

Tris all the way!

3) Read only triologies or stand alones?

Stand Alones.

4) Become a famous writer or reviewer?

I think a reviewer?

5) Read 1 book a year but remember everything or 100 books a year and remember nothing?

Oooo I don’t know. I read a lot of books anyway so maybe the 100 books a year?

6) Locked in a library or bookstore?

Considering my local library hasn’t got a lot of books then I would definitely say bookstore all the way! Especially since I practically grown up in my local Waterstones.

7) Read a book with a cliffhanger ending or heartbreaking ending.

Heartbreaking. I always prefer to have some sort of closure with a book rather than be left questioning.

8) Have book endings spoiled or never know what happens?

I’m one of those people who honestly doesn’t mind having books spoiled tbh, I’d rather know especially if i won’t get around to reading the book for quite a while so I would say book endings spoiled.

Thank you for reading! I think everyone has done this tag but I am tagging everyone who would like to do this tag!


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A few words to describe me: Writer, Dreamer, Bookseller, Reader, and Reviewer.

3 thoughts on “Bookish Would You Rather?

    1. And Cake is an excellent bonus to go alongside a bookshop. Though I do wish I used my library a bit more but really it now just all computers.


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