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‘ello Barista Girl

I have a new job! This will be my sixth job within my 19 years but honestly I think out of them all since I started working at 13, this was the job I least expected to ever have! I am a barista girl! After 4 happily spent years firmly stuck in retail, this was a complete surprise for me. I mean I worked in a restaurant as a waitress before and although it was okay, it certainly wasn’t something which I wanted to encounter again. But being a barista is something different, new and scary as hell but I tried it and surprisingly found that I do enjoy it!

coffeeI work in this tiny little coffee shop which is run by a football club. Occasionally I work the desk of the stadium when kids clubs are on and they need someone to man the desk and pour filter teas and coffees. Now many of my friends would see the irony in my new profession, I dislike coffee immensely and often the smell makes me nauseous and I have no idea about football at all. Yet these are the main two things which I am guaranteed to encounter in every single shift I do, but despite that I enjoy my job.

I have been there almost a month now. I have mastered working the big scary coffee machine and coffee grinder, I have broken the till once (don’t worry it was fixed quickly after), I’ve spilled more coffee than I can count, remained calm when the queue has been out the door and even began to remember some of the regulars orders. My shifts are typically around the five hour mark which is good because I can still focus on my studies while I’m commuting too, and I often arrive ten minutes before the boss. It’s a good environment and it’s near home so getting to and from work doesn’t cause too much problems.

I feel surprisingly calm behind that counter making coffees. I suppose that makes me a Barista Girl now?

12 thoughts on “‘ello Barista Girl

    1. Hmm I don’t know. I mean I love making the coffees, there an art to it I suppose which I’m attempting to master. Least favourite cleaning the men’s loos which are just disgusting! But it good job cause when it’s quite and it’s I’m on top of everything I’m allowed to read!

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    1. Making coffees is fun but honestly I still don’t like the taste of it still! I prefer my sneaky hot chocolates! Thank you!


  1. I was a barista (a very long time ago, haha) and I have nothing but admiration for you. I could NEVER get the flipping milk to froth properly, my coffees always had scalded milk and almost zero foam. Nowadays I still watch with awe as my perfect single shot skinny latte emerges with some wonderful decoration on top. Congratulations, I hope it works out for you and you continue to enjoy it! X

    Lisa |

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    1. I just managing to start making some type of shape for decoratrion! Hopefully one day I will be successful in making a pretty design. Thank you! I think what I love about it is that it’s a small quite cafe and when it’s quite I’m allowed to read which is nice.


  2. I love being a barista. I was a barista for a year and then decided to get a more “grownup job” ended up hating it. So now I am back to being a lead barista. I think it is one of the best jobs out there, I love what I do, and coffee will always be my passion.

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    1. That’s awesome! I’m glad you love it, unfortunately I’ve since left as the owner’s son threatened to smash my face in which meant I didn’t feel safe. But now I’m back working in a bookstore which is my true passion! I’m glad your back with yours!

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