My Second Year Uni Goals

Today I go back to Uni, after just over 4 months off from the constant studying, eating, sleeping and working routine. The minor life crisis when you think you’ve been super organised planning that essay three months in advance but still haven’t written the final product till a few days before. Last year was a bit of a mess, I didn’t read everything which needed to be read, I skipped too much for a boyfriend who wasn’t there when I needed him and I even got involved with a quite toxic friendship group.

I lost myself but I am determined to not let that happen again so I thought that perhaps if I write a set of goals for myself then I would begin to feel more positive about my university experience. I know who my real friends are now, I’m single but most of all I’m happy. I feel that I have found the girl I lost so long ago and I’m desperate to hold on to her. My second year of University is already going to be entirely different as I will be having a 45 minute train commute to and from Uni each and every day as I choose to live at home. Which means for me these goals are really important because I’m hoping they will help me push myself a bit more out of my comfort zone but also to allow myself to grow a bit more..

Back to Uni Goals:

  • Read all the books for each module – even if it is just one week or a couple days in advanced. Reading them will help you feel more confident in seminars and lectures rather than relying on Wikipedia.
  • Don’t just write your plans months and weeks in advanced, actually write in advanced. Yes your plans are detailed, full of research points and quotes but you need to transfer the passion straight to the essay rather than wait till you loose motivation.
  • Try be more active in the Uni experience. Your friends are offering to let you stay over on a night so you can go out and take part with Uni life then take that option! It’s okay to go out on a night, you don’t have to feel guilty and stay in all the time.
  • Say Yes. This is just about the going out, it’s about actually doing stuff. Your scared and that’s natural since you’ve held yourself tightly in your comfort zone. But you need to say yes to live, meet new people and gain some experiences you can look back on.
  • This is a goal which is okay if you don’t manage to achieve, as long as you do your best. Try and get a 1st in an essay would be an amazing achievement but just try your best so that your able to achieve your best!
  • Stop being afraid to ask for help, whether its from your friends and family or actual support from Uni. Because if you don’t let that fear go your just going to close yourself up again and that won’t be helpful for anyone especially you.

These are the goals I’m setting myself, to be the best I can be but also as happy and content as I can be. University is scary and stressful but it can also be amazing. I’m upset that I let so many experiences escape me which is why I’m determined to not let that happen again this year.


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3 thoughts on “My Second Year Uni Goals

  1. These are such great goals for second year! I found second year so much better than first year – being totally at ease in the uni environment, having secure friendships, living somewhere I felt happy and comfortable and just knowing how uni works makes a huge, huge difference. I hope you have a really positive start to second year – good luck!
    Lx | Lightly We Go

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