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It’s okay to cry. Gosh I seem to be doing it all the time recently so maybe it’s the inspiration for this post. There seems to be this huge stigma of crying and how it appears to be a sign of weakness or lack of control on our emotions I suppose. I remember in school I cried too, mainly because my Mum always taught me that it was important to let my emotions out, though I’d rarely cry when I was upset but confused or angry. Crying is just a natural thing but sometimes it’s not enough, not enough to let the emotions out so I thought I’d tell you all (if anyone is reading this) some of my crying moments this week.

  • I cried when I was re-watching the final of Rupaul’s Drag Race, seeing Sasha raise her wig with the flurry of rose petals falling for me was beautiful. Now this wasn’t anything particular to cry about but it meant so much. Sasha as a drag queen I admire so much and who I’m always left in awe watching her perform, and hopefully one day I will see her perform.
  • I cried watching 101 Dalmatians with Toaby. Toaby just gets so excited still watching this film and seeing him jump at the TV and search for the puppies well it just reminded me when he was a puppy as well. He was a gorgeous puppy but sadly I don’t have any photos.
  • I cried after seeing my Granddad for the first time after he had his heart surgery three weeks ago. I am close with my Granddad and those three weeks were incredibly hard not being able to just go and see him or ring and talk. You can imagine my relief being able to see him for the first time and just be able to talk to him.
  • I cried after seeing my Grandmother for possibly the last time in my life, knowing that even though she is my Nan and I care for her but know that I can’t help her anymore. That I am not good enough to be treated like my cousins and so I made the decision to stop seeing her which was incredibly hard for me.
  • I cried because I don’t feel worth it. I cry because I’m scared that I’m somehow cursed and that I will just ruin things for my family and friends. That I am not good enough because no matter how much I try to be a good person, I worry that I’m not.
  • Finally, I cry for no good reason but the tears are there and I need to get rid of them.

What I’m saying is that it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to cry for what you might thing silly stupid reasons or even for serious stuff. Crying is good for you and lets you release some emotions and honestly I find a good cry helps you feel a lot better. I just need to remind myself that sometimes rather than bottle up those emotions.

7 thoughts on “Cry.

    1. Thanks Amy. There been so much which is why I haven’t been able to blog but I just needed to let it out. Especially about my nan, I can’t do it anymore so I’ve had to walk way. Thank you x

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  1. Crying is good but so is laughing šŸ˜‚ Try to remember to laugh and keep your spirits up. My mom always calls me weird because I laugh when I cry and she can’t tell if I’m in pain or not.


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