#TheReadingQuest Week Three Update!

The third week of our epic quest has come to an end as we all begin to embark on the fourth and final journey of our quest. I cannot believe there is only a week to go because honestly this readathon has gotten me to read so much which makes me extremely happy! So on with the third update before the final!

As always before I begin my personal update I’d like to thank¬†Aentee (Read at Midnight) for creating this reading challenge and CW (Read, Think, Ponder) for the beautiful art work she has created for the reading challenge.

Screenshot 2017-09-03 at 5.23.15 PMweek three update

As you can all see I made the massive achievement this week and finally completed the Rogue Path! I’m so happy to have finally completed it as it’s meant I’ve been able to complete some additional side quest as well! I’m really pleased so for the remainder of the readathon I am aiming to complete books for the side quest which are left along with some books from other character paths. Mainly focusing on books I need to read before Uni begins which can fit into the readathon.

How are you all doing on your reading quest?


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