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Autumn is coming…

Autumn is coming, the days of grey and were the leaves look as if they’ve been set aflame. I love Autumn, it’s my favourite season and the time of year I think I enjoy most as I begin to become settled in a new routine but adventure awaits. Which is why I thought I would write a post about the reasons why I love Autumn so much.

  • Hot Chocolate season has begun. I am not a coffee drinker, but I am an avid tea drinker but for me when Autumn comes it means that I am allowed the treat of Hot Chocolate rather than my usual cup of tea. But it also gives me the opportunity to try and create some new hot chocolate recipes, such as my favourite of Nutella hot chocolate!
  • University starts up again. I love the start of a anew school year, the new routine and structure after a long lazy Summer. It makes me excited to see what the new year may end up bringing.
  • Autumn leaves, the world around us begins this progression to transforming from velvet greens into fiery oranges and reds. I love to see the world around me change and I think it’s beautiful! Also super fun being able to jump into a pile of leaves!
  • Cosy evenings, I think during spring and summer it’s a lot harder to have a cosy evening due to the sun and warmth. But honestly I much prefer cosy evenings, with a blanket, cup of tea and a nice book by the fire. Those are the evenings I look forward to in Autumn.
  • Finally books! I always seem to find that during Autumn and Winter are the seasons I become a much more motivated reader opposed to Spring and Summer. But also during these months I normally discover the books which inspire me and settle in my favourite reads pile. I look forward to discovering some exciting reads this Autumn.
Picture from Google of my lovely home city.

What do you like most about Autumn?

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