Advice for Uni Freshers!

Little over a year ago I was embarking on my own anxious wait for University and honestly nothing could prepare me to be a fresher. I remember trolling countless blogs, uni room tours and uni related video blogs on Youtube, honestly I could not get enough! As many of you know I study English Literature in York, I’m heading into my second year and so I decided to pass on some advice to upcoming freshers which I learnt from my own mistakes! Though be aware that this is just advice from my own personal experience at University.

  • Use your parents! Yes most blogs say get rid of them and say our goodbyes but honestly this is something I wish I hadn’t of done. I was the first one in my flat and honestly wish that I had just stopped trying to act all hip and cool and went off to explore the city with them and get that all important first food shop in. I think if I had I would have been more comfortable in my new home and it would have saved me carrying my first food shop the next day 2 miles in the burning sun.
  • Just take the bare essentials. Honestly a plate and a mug is enough for kitchen supplies because these are all things you can easily get wherever you are moving too. Don’t be like me and over packed and over prepared, honestly wish I’d just bought down my room stuff for decorating and of course my books. Would have meant less packing and unpacking!
  • Explore! I cannot stress this enough, go out with your new flatmates and explore your new home. Go out by yourself and explore as well! This is something I didn’t do and sorely regret. My first few months at uni all I did was go to uni and work and occasionally go food shopping. Nothing else and I deeply regret it because it wasn’t till February that I finally began to explore the city!
  • Get involved! In case you haven’t guessed by my previous post I didn’t go out and I really regret that. I wish I’d gone out to a club or something or even more fresher events but instead I cowered. I had create my comfort zone and I was so scared to leave it that it hindered part of my uni experience.
  • This is important, especially if you study a subject which requires a lot of reading. Just do the reading! It will make your life so much more easier if you can be at least a week ahead. This is something which I’m attempting to achieve myself and haven’t quite mastered but I’m sure the sooner you do then the easier it will be!
  • Now here is a really serious one. Do not talk about money! I know so many people who fought and got bitter and nasty because someone got more on their student loan and how others were forced to work just to make rent. It’s not worth it so follow the very British stereotype and try keep money off limits as much as possible!
  • Finally, enjoy! Embrace the experience and live it to the full!

Like I said these aren’t rules to stick to but more a guidence and advice from what I learnt myself and properly next year their will be more advice and I will have learnt something myself. I’ve moved back home so I’m commuting to Uni for second year but I am determined not to let that stop me from still having a fully rounded Uni experience. I’m even going to follow this advice for myself because I don’t want to waste my time worrying when I could be having fun and so many new experiences.

What do you think of this? What would your advice for freshers? Or even what would you say to yourself as a fresher?

24 thoughts on “Advice for Uni Freshers!

  1. I start uni this fall and am going to study English and Social Studies/Politics to become a high school teacher, so I’m glad I came across this post because I really enjoyed your advice! Especially on getting out of your comfort zone – I don’t live on campus so I’ll have to work even harder on putting myself out there!

    Franzi. x // FRANZIZZY


    1. I lived down the road from my Uni so I was able to stay in my comfort zone which really wasn’t the best for me. I’m glad you liked my advice and I hope it’s helpful for when you start!


    1. I really wish I hadn’t let them leave and been able to explore the city more. However if I return in 3rd year to living back near Uni then I am determine to then spend a day with them cause it’s one of my biggest regrets.


    1. I’m due to finish Uni in two years so hope to now follow my advice for the remainder of my time there. If you do go I hope you have a great time there!

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    1. Oh definitely. I hid a lot in my room and had to move flat so I really regret not going out and making more friends. I just hope the next two years are much more enjoyable and able to meet new people.


  2. This is such great advice! I wish I’d brought less stuff with me when I started college — I really could’ve done without most of the things on those shopping lists you see online! And I’m a big fan of exploring once you get there, too!


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    1. Thank you. I wish I hadn’t brought basically everything but the kitchen sink haha! But yes exploring is definitely key!


  3. I’ve already studied for about three years, but was forced to quit (long story). I think this advice is still usefull for people who aren’t in their first year, because you gave so much advice on packing and everything, all things I’ve never done before because I didn’t have to move out when I started uni. I’ll definitely return to this post next year when I’m starting uni again!

    x Envy


  4. Oh my goodness – the thing about trawling YouTube is exactly what I’m doing at the moment. I know I’m over thinking everything but I probably just have too much time on my hands.. And Freshers Week isn’t until 16th >.< Thanks for these tips!!


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