The Harry Potter Tag

When I saw that I was tagged to do this Harry Potter Tag by Paige from Books and Belle, I honestly jumped at the chance to answer all these amazing questions. I mean it’s Harry Potter related, which most people who know me know that I have a deep love for this book series and the magical world which it involves. In this tag there are 18 Harry Potter Questions which I can’t wait to answer, so a huge thank you to Paige for tagging me!


  • What house are you in?

I am a member of the Ravenclaw house! I am extremely proud to be a Ravenclaw as it was always the house which I felt the most connected with when reading through the series. Then once Pottermore confirmed it there was nothing left to do but to buy my Ravenclaw robes and scarf!


  • What is your patronus?

My patronus according to Pottermore is a snowy owl which I adore. I love the idea of it being an owl due to them being my favourite creature.


  • What is your wand?

My wand is a Pear wood, unicorn hair core, 10 ¾ inches and quite bendy flexible which I love! Reading the description on pottermore I firmly believe in the magical world this wand would certainly suit me.


  • What would your boggart be?

I think my boggart would be either snakes, which are frankly one of my biggest fears or that it would be like Molly Weasley’s my family dead.


  • What position would you play in Quidditch?

I think that if I played Quidditch then I’d be a chaser, although if not then I’d be very happy to just be a spectator and support my house team!


  • What is your blood status?

Honestly I have no idea, I know that some people base it on the idea if their parents are fans of the Harry Potter series or how much a person’s knowledge is on the franchise. Honestly I wouldn’t know, properly half blood or something?


  • What job would you like after graduating Hogwarts?

I think if I grew up in the magical world maybe a healer but if it’s to reflect my own life now then I would properly like to work for a wizarding publication or even Flourish and Blotts! It be so interesting to be able to see what types of magical novels are being published and what their fiction would like as in the series we only really see non-fiction works.


  • Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose?

Although I know the right answer is the invisibility cloak and I think I would choose it, I have to admit that I would be very tempted in picking the stone since it would give me the ability to say goodbye to those I never had the chance too.


  • Favourite book?

My favourite book would have to be Prisoner of Azkaban, for me it is when the series really becomes about Harry’s quest to destroy Voldemort and discover the truth. It’s were it begins to get dark before Goblet of Fire.


  • Least favourite book?

My least favourite books is definitely The Order of the Phoenix, I feel the most disconnected with this book. Mainly due to Dumbledore refused to talk to Harry as it would have resolved so many problems within the series but also I got really upset when McGonagall was attacked, I wanted Umbridge to really get her up and commence.


  • Favourite film?

My favourite film of the whole franchise has to be the first one, I mean it’s were Harry journey begins and honestly I think it’s the most faithful adaptation of any of the books and I feel that the casting was spot on. Richard Harris was definitely my favourite Dumbledore and he played the role so well.


  • Least favourite film?

Like my least favourite book it once again is Order of the Phoenix, I just couldn’t connect with the story itself and I was annoyed with how much they cut and changed. But I felt it was like this for the Half Blood Prince too, but honestly it was expected the books and world grew so large you couldn’t possibly include everything!


  • Favourite Character?

I’ve always said this and it’s Minerva McGonagall or Luna, I just automatically drew towards these characters for some reason. Perhaps Minerva because I admire her but Luna because she is the one I relate to the most.


  • Least favourite character?

This is a hard one I think, because I don’t like the idea of hating, though I do dislike quite a few characters. But if I had to say hate then the character within the whole series I “hate” would be Umbridge. She attacked McGonagall and Hagrid and tortured students and overall I feel she is a complete vile individual with no hope of redemption.


  • Favourite Hogwarts Teacher?

I’d of course have to say Minerva McGonagall but she is my favourite character so in any case it would have to be Slughorn surprisingly. I just love his character and how he appears. It’s odd and I can’t explain it exactly but I do like his character.


  • Least favourite Hogwarts Teacher?

Unfortunately I can’t say Umbridge but then I’d properly say Lockhart, through Quirrel is a close contender. Lockhart is a Ravenclaw and I find it upsetting how he wipe the minds of so many wizards and witches just for his own gains, I really dislike dishonesty.


  • Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?

I think everyone has different opinions, for me I neither like nor dislike Snape as a character. I just can’t say he is all good or all bad as a character because he is a complex character.


  • If you could save one character from the final battle who would it be?

It has to be Fred for me. No parent should see their child die and George need his twin, they shouldn’t been parted so soon. For me it was the most shocking death in the whole series.

Thank you Paige once again for tagging me, I loved answering all of these questions and now onto the bloggers which I am tagging!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s responses and link me if you’ve already answered these questions!


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