#TheReadingQuest Week One Update

I can’t believe that the first week of #TheReadingQuest has gone by so fast! I decided to begin this quest along the ‘Rogue’ path which I have been successful in completing three quests! Alongside the primary three quests of course I fell into side quests and was able to complete two of the quests!

Before I get into my overall update for the week I’d like to thank Aentee (Read at Midnight) for creating this reading challenge and CW (Read, Think, Ponder) for the beautiful art work she has created for the reading challenge.

Week 1 Character Card.png

Updated week one reading quest

Character Quests Completed: 3!

Side Quests Completed: 2!

Pages Read: 1,137!

I’m so proud of how much I was able to read this week as this must be the most I’ve read in ages! Along with this all the books which I was able to read I actually enjoyed them all. Meaning I am now excited to see what the second week will now hold! My challenge for my second week is aiming to complete the Rogue Path and hopefully completing another two side quests!

How is your Reading Quest going? Let me know!


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