Not Only Man’s Best Friend

Over the past few days, I’ve rediscovered my passion for writing, for blogging and perhaps for life again, I know that I need to talk about the Ups as well as the Downs. Which frankly, I am determined to included especially in this blog cause we all feel them but we often hide them in order to not show any weakness. But today’s post is important because it’s about one of my favourite ‘Ups’ which I have in my life. Toaby.

Morning Selfie With Toaby

Toaby is 13 years old, he’s named after Basil’s dog from Basil the Great Mouse Detective. (One of the most underrated Disney films of all time.)  Toaby has arthritis in his back which he now has to take tablets for daily. It makes it hard cause he likes to be on the go but also it’s harder for him to jump on the bed and cuddle in. Toaby also has a condition which is known to many as being simply ‘stinky’. Often the type of ‘stinky’ which often reminds many of a Chinese takeout, which could be contributed to the fact he is like a living bin and will vacuum up anything which he deems edible but is also overly fond of Chinese takeout.

As a Jack Russell, it means he’s constantly on the go, especially when my Dad is home and that means he gets to go outside and dig but mainly be with his best friend. Though often this means sticking his head into the chicken feed and attempting to consume it all, even though Dad tells him not to. But Toaby is also deaf, though when it comes to food it appears to be more of a selective deafness.


It’s Unsurprising How Often I Find Him Like This

Toaby’s life is very hard, he gets a walk every day between his scheduled required sleeping and eating times. Which quite frankly are all the time. But must always remember that as Toaby is a really loud snorer, it is important not to wake him from his slumber. He’s busy schedule requires a lot of sleep. Alongside this when the TV is on it even adds more to his schedule as it means he has to run up to the TV and watch. In our old house we had this rug, so when the TV was on Toaby would shuffle back to sit his bottom on the edge of the rug and stare at the TV for hours. Consequently, his favourite film is 101 Dalmatians, the first one with Glenn Close but he is also a fan of Homeward Bound.

Toaby Loves 101 Dalmations

Toaby is my ‘Up’ because he’s there for me, he makes me smile and laugh and cry with laughter and causes me to have frequent heart attacks when he falls off the back of the sofa. (He’s ok always lands on his feet just likes to scare the living crap out of us all). Sometimes in his sleep, while lying on his side he begins to run and bark which always makes me chuckle. I wonder what he’s chasing, probably food or chicken or digestive biscuits which he loves. Despite being deaf and could be upstairs, Toaby will always know when the food cupboard is open and so is the digestive biscuit packet. Sometimes he just sits there in the dopiness way possible that it makes you smile. Toaby also makes me laugh when someone sneezes he sprints from the room, he hates sneezing and on the odd occasion has scared himself with his own sneeze.

Toaby despite being stinky, deaf and currently annoying cause all he wants to do is to like your feet, is my family, my best friend and my dog. Toaby is my ‘Up’ and I am so lucky to have him.

Toaby is a Dog who adores his comfort.

2 thoughts on “Not Only Man’s Best Friend

  1. Aw, this is such a sweet post! I have a dog and she means the world to me, too. I can tell she’s probably one of the most important things in your life from this post. It sucks when they’re hurting, doesn’t it? Thankfully my dog doesn’t have all the difficulties your dog does, but seeing her in pain due to her arthritis can break my heart at times. Still, it seems like Tobay is spoilt and loved, which is the most important part of a dogs life. Great post!


    1. Yeah Toaby is definitely one of the most important things in my whole life, I love him too much. Even if he in pain he never shows it as he is still constantly bouncing around and is very happy!


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